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All of Lifeweaver’s new skills in Overwatch 2


Lifeweaver is Overwatch 2’s latest help hero, and this pansexual icon has a bounty of recent instruments for help gamers to experiment with. Described as a hero who has the potential to troll his workforce, Lifeweaver comes with quite a few completely different skills, together with a controversial instrument to reposition your teammates. At his core, nevertheless, Lifeweaver is a principal healer who will hold your workforce wholesome and prepared for every workforce battle to return. Listed below are all of Lifeweaver’s new skills in Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver’s skills and expertise in Overwatch 2

Major Hearth: Therapeutic Blossom & Thorn Volley

Picture by Blizzard

Lifeweaver’s Major Hearth is Therapeutic Blossom, which is his principal therapeutic instrument. You’ll be able to cost this means to cost a blossom. The longer you cost this means, the higher the therapeutic. Blizzard said this means was the cornerstone of Lifeweaver and designed to be accessible and viable throughout quite a few talent ranges and situations. This means is soft-targeted, that means it is going to perform equally to skills like Brigitte’s Armor Packs.

This hero additionally has a second major hearth, referred to as Thorn Volley. This means permits Lifeweaver to fireside “biolight thorns” at enemies. This means is meant to provide Lifeweaver an opportunity to battle for himself, with Blizzard warning this means does “comparatively excessive harm for a help hero.”

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Secondary Hearth: Petal Platform

Lifeweaver New Hero Gameplay Trailer Overwatch 2 Youtube 0 47

Picture by Blizzard

Petal Platform is Lifeweaver’s secondary hearth and permits him to put a flower-like pod that elevates into the air when an ally or enemy steps on it. This platform will stay airborne for a while, and allies and enemies alike can thrust off the platform for an excellent bounce when the flower reaches the apex of its top. This means provides some verticality to the sport, and may even counter some enemy ultimates like Orisa.

Rejuvenating Sprint

Lifeweaver New Hero Gameplay Trailer Overwatch 2 Youtube 1 05

Picture by Blizzard

Rejuvenating Sprint is a mobility means that permits Lifeweaver to sprint in a single course. After performing this sprint, Lifeweaver will heal himself barely, giving him a little bit of maintain as properly. In accordance with Blizzard, this means “will appear and feel like Hanzo’s sprint,” giving Lifeweaver a technique to disengage from enemy divers. This mobility instrument can be mixed with Petal Platform to permit Lifeweaver to cowl a stunning quantity of distance.

Life Grip

Lifeweaver New Hero Gameplay Trailer Overwatch 2 Youtube 0 34

Picture by Blizzard

Already a controversial means, Life Grip is Lifeweaver’s most recognizable talent. Life Grip shields an ally in a protecting biolight and forces your ally to Lifeweaver’s location. When allies are on this protect, they’re invulnerable to all sources of injury, presumably like Kiriko’s Protecting Suzu. Naturally, you possibly can in all probability see how disruptive this means will be, each to enemies and allies.

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Tree of Life

Lifeweaver New Hero Gameplay Trailer Overwatch 2 Youtube 1 11

Picture by Blizzard

Tree of Life is Lifeweaver’s Final means. Lifeweaver will place a big biolight tree that “pulses with therapeutic vitality.” The tree features as a wall, that means you possibly can stand behind it to take cowl and conceal from enemy skills. After all, this implies you too can use this means to dam enemy mild of sight, supplying you with potential cowl from skills like Cassidy’s Deadeye or D.Va’s Sport Over.

Lifeweaver will be a part of the help lineup in the beginning of Season 4, slated to start on April 11. You’ll be capable to unlock him completely after buying the Premium Battle Cross or gaining sufficient ranges, or you possibly can strive him out within the coaching room and customized video games.


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