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All Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 slice and hack talents


Trying to find all Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 slice and hack talents? BD-1 has a number of slice and hack droid talents in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Cal Kestis’ pleasant companion normally helps out in terms of opening doorways and activating shortcuts. Later within the recreation, although, he’ll be capable to flip enemy bots in opposition to their comrades. Our information discusses this mechanic, when you need to use it, and how one can unlock extra varieties.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 slice and hack talents are only one side of abilities which you could be taught within the recreation. You’ll be taught varied traversal talents, purchase many Pressure Powers, and unlock further perks.

Methods to slice and hack droids in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

BD-1 will solely be capable to hack droids of a sure sort when you’ve unlocked the corresponding skill. You’ll be capable to use these on enemy droids throughout these two cases:

  • If you happen to’re not in fight, you possibly can fireplace an Electro Dart utilizing BD-1. This may make the goal extra weak to hacking.
  • You’re in fight and the droid has low HP.

In each conditions, you’ll see a button immediate permitting you to make use of the motion. Press it, and the droid will begin attacking its former friends.

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Vendor talents: Probe Droid, B1 Droid, and B2 Droid

These Star Wars Jedi Survivor Slice talents are offered by Caij the bounty hunter in change for bounty pucks. You’ll discover her in Pyloon’s Saloon, although she gained’t perform as a vendor till you head to the Stone Spires as a part of the marketing campaign. When you’re at that time within the story, you’ll unlock the bounty hunter board, the place you’ll eradicate high-value targets to obtain the forex.

Slice: Droideka

In your second go to to the Shattered Moon as a part of the story, you’ll attain a chamber with a laser machine. Use the orb to activate the laser, then hint a line of fireside with the Koboh grinder to take away the gunk from the inexperienced barrier. You possibly can then cross by it utilizing Merrin’s Attraction.

Merrin's charm gifts additional  Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: Safety Droid

That is, by far, the best slice skill that you simply’ll discover, aside from these offered by Caij. Later within the marketing campaign, you’ll head to Mountain Ascent. From the quick journey level, cross by the inexperienced barrier and work together with the terminal. You’ll then be taught this ability.

A green barrier paves the way to new  Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: Magnaguard

You’ll acquire this skill by heading deeper into Phon’qi Caverns, which is accessible through Foothill Falls (pretty near the Mountain Ascent quick journey level). Experience the Relter close to the pool, and drop down the cellar behind the shack. Then, use your Raise and Slam energy on the massive construction so you possibly can enter the cavern correct.

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Whereas we gained’t element your complete dungeon right here, the power itself is simply previous the part with a number of Magnaguards surrounding a bedlam raider. After eliminating them, you’ll come throughout an elevator and a inexperienced barrier. Don’t thoughts these. As a substitute, use your wall soar to achieve the highest of a ledge that has this terminal.

A steep drop near new  Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: DT Sentry

For this explicit slice skill, you’ll want to amass the Electro Dart. Upon getting it, return to Coruscant and use the Hangar 2046-C quick journey level. Experience the elevator again up and fireplace the electro dart on the generator. This may trigger a legendary enemy, D-L1T, to seem. Take out this beefed up DT Sentry to amass this ability.

Will an important fight reward new  Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

These are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Slice and Hack Droid talents that we’ve discovered to date. We’ll replace this information in case we uncover extra. In any case, you possibly can find out about different recreation mechanics in our walkthrough and guides hub, or spend a while trying to find the entire Cal Kestis cosmetics that may be found in Jedi Survivor.


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