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Atomic Coronary heart: The right way to clear up all puzzles in A Glass Darkly quest


There’s a good bit of each fight and puzzle-solving in Atomic Coronary heart, and the ‘A Glass, Darkly’ quest showcases a lot of the latter early on within the sport. This obligatory mission will take P-3 down into the basement of the close by VDNH exhibition the place a maze of magnetized platforms awaits. The puzzles might sound daunting at first, however they’re really fairly simple if you happen to take the time to soak up the environment. Both method, right here’s how you can clear up the puzzles of the A Glass Darkly quest in Atomic Coronary heart.

Steps to resolve all A Glass Darkly puzzle options in Atomic Coronary heart

1. Open the basement door

Screenshot by PC Invasion

On the doorway, look to the left and drag the Plutonium statue all the best way again. This may open the ground hatch that results in the basement the place the remainder of the puzzle will happen.

2. Room 1

Atomic Heart Glass Darkly Room 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Nothing particular right here. Stand on the magnets on the bottom, zap those on the ceiling, then bounce to the open door. Don’t neglect to loot the containers within the hallway on the bottom flooring.

3. Room 2

Atomic Heart Glass Darkly Room 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hit the save station, drop right down to the left strip of purple flooring magnets, then SHOK the ceiling. Use the now-elevated flooring as a bridge to get to the door on the opposite facet. There are a few containers to the left of the room in addition to a lifeless physique you possibly can discuss to. They don’t provide a lot, so be at liberty to skip them.

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4. Room 3

Atomic Heart Glass Darkly Room 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The subsequent place to go in your hunt for puzzles to resolve within the A Glass Darkly quest of Atomic Coronary heart is Room 3. Whack the bots along with your weapons and loot the entire containers first. Then, head to the middle of the room and have a look at the ground to discover a laser puzzle that unlocks the best way ahead. The rotation order is bottom-middlebottom-left, then top-left.

For the magnet room, drop right down to the purple magnet platform on the left facet of the room, SHOK the ceiling, then bounce to the adjoining blue magnet platform. SHOK the ceiling once more to boost the ground, and also you’ll come head to head with one other laser puzzle. The rotation order for this one is top-right then bottom-right; this may open the door on the finish. After the laser puzzle, drop to the bottom flooring and loot the silver chest by the tall, purple platform. Then, zap the ceiling and make your option to the exit door.

5. Room 4

Atomic Heart Glass Darkly Room 4

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You may skip the entire magnet shenanigans right here by leaping after which dashing between the platforms. The timing is somewhat strict, nevertheless it’s fully attainable, particularly if the double-dash potential is unlocked. In any other case, the puzzle may be very simple — simply preserve zapping the ceiling and following the path of platforms that rise and fall with each motion.

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6. Room 5

r 5 Lasers

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The subsequent impediment is one other wall-mounted laser puzzle. Since this one has 4 panels per row, we’re going to indicate each in accordance with its place as per the picture above. Then, rotate the panels within the following order: T4, T3, B2.

r 5 Lasers Magnets

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The door will result in one other massive magnet room. Zap the ceiling, go to the blue platform on the ground, then hit the ceiling with SHOK once more after shifting to the static platform with the inactive robotic. From right here, SHOK the ceiling to decrease a blue hanging platform proper throughout the ledge. Leap-dash to it, then bounce to the static platform on the opposite facet — the one with the stack of crates. Make your option to the steps on the far facet, SHOK the ceiling, then hop onto the platform that drops. From right here, it’s a transparent shot to the exit door.

7. Room 6

r 6

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The laser puzzle right here is surprisingly easy: simply rotate the third high panel and the door to the exit ought to open.

That wraps it up for the A Glass, Darkly puzzles in Atomic Coronary heart. The door to the exhibition will probably be open by the point you get out of the basement.

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