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Avenue Fighter 6 Ryu information


Wish to discover ways to play as Avenue Fighter 6 Ryu? There’s a purpose Ryu is usually thought-about to be everybody’s favourite combating recreation character. His cool new beard and drippy outfit positively assist to attract individuals in, however essentially the most interesting issue must be Ryu’s iconic moveset.

This newest iteration of Ryu in Avenue Fighter 6 has obtained various upgrades, together with two new particular strikes and one tremendous artwork. Be warned, selecting the combating recreation’s hottest character comes with its personal set of challenges, however we’ll get into that later. We’re going to interrupt down Ryu’s strikes, combos, and your technique in fight that can assist you rank up within the Avenue Fighter 6 beta this weekend.

Find out how to play Ryu in Avenue Fighter 6

The easiest way to play Ryu in Avenue Fighter 6 is to take a defensive strategy. As you battle, carry your opponent to the nook utilizing particular strikes like Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku. When you’ve bought your opponent cornered, hold them there utilizing fastidiously timed Hadokens, and make sure to search for any jump-in assaults you could punish utilizing Shoryuken.

As talked about earlier, the primary downside in the case of selecting Ryu is that everybody and their mom is aware of how you can play him. Newbie Ryu gamers usually spam Shoryukens, leap in any respect the unsuitable instances, they usually wish to parry every little thing. When you’ve bought a couple of hours of fight below your belt, it is best to begin to see these patterns emerge from newbie gamers. With a purpose to separate your self from the remainder of the Ryu pack, that you must spend time studying how you can grasp the basics of combating video games.

In comparison with the remainder of the solid, Ryu doesn’t should carry out lengthy combos to deal plenty of harm. Apply the fundamental combos we highlighted on this information till you’ll be able to land them on command, at all times punish your opponent each time the chance arises, and discover ways to use your anti-air assaults to cease the enemy from continuously leaping in. This precept applies to nearly each character within the recreation, however issues are more durable for Ryu as everybody is aware of how you can battle towards him.

It would look like we’re actively telling you to not choose Ryu, and to some extent we’re, however it is best to be happy to play as anybody on the Avenue Fighter 6 roster. Usually talking, you’re going to have a better time in case you play as a distinct character, however when you’ve got your coronary heart set on Ryu, don’t allow us to deter you from selecting him.

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We extremely advocate trying out Daigo Umehara, top-of-the-line Avenue Fighter gamers of all time, taking part in as Ryu on the FGC Translated Alpha YouTube channel. Daigo is thought for his distinctive use of projectiles and his potential to foretell exactly when to throw out an Overdrive Shoryuken.

Avenue Fighter 6 motions

All particular strikes and tremendous arts use a selected set of motions together with a button enter. To make issues simpler, we’ve damaged down each movement utilized by Ryu in Avenue Fighter 6 that can assist you execute strikes and combos.

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Listed here are a very powerful motions for Ryu in Avenue Fighter 6:

  • Quarter-circle ahead – push down on the d-pad or stick and rapidly rotate to the course your character is dealing with.
  • Quarter-circle again – push down on the d-pad or stick and rapidly rotate in the wrong way to the one your character is dealing with.
  • Z Movement – press ahead, then rapidly press down and rotate so that you’re urgent down and ahead on the similar time.
  • Double faucet down – faucet down twice and observe up with a button to carry out a particular assault.
  • Overdrive – beforehand generally known as EX strikes, Overdrive assaults require you to press two punches or two kicks to execute an enhanced model of a particular assault. Performing an Overdrive assault consumes two Drive Gauge bars.
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Avenue Fighter 6 Ryu particular strikes

It’s necessary to know each command your favourite character has at their disposal with a view to catch your opponent off guard. Every particular transfer has its personal set of strengths and weaknesses that that you must be taught, however the one method to do this is to include these strikes into your basic recreation plan.

Hadoken – Quarter-circle ahead + Punch

Ryu throws a ki blast throughout the display screen – the heavier the punch, the sooner the fireball travels. Attempt to not turn out to be too predictable when firing off Hadokens as your opponent can use this to their benefit by parrying them. The Overdrive model of Ryu’s Hadoken hits twice and has juggle properties, supplying you with the choice to observe up with sure assaults in particular eventualities.

Shoryuken – Z Movement + Punch

Ryu flies into the air with a rising uppercut – the heavier the punch, the additional Ryu travels within the air. The heavy Shoryuken offers essentially the most harm out of all of Ryu’s particular strikes, making this the proper combo ender. Overdrive Shoryuken options plenty of invincibility frames throughout its start-up, giving you a chance to hit your opponent whereas they’re in the midst of an assault.

Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku – Quarter-circle again + Kick

Ryu launches himself ahead with a spinning kick – the heavier the kick, the additional Ryu travels. This assault causes a tough knockdown on hit, placing you in a robust place as you put together on your subsequent assault. The Overdrive Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku spins Ryu in place like a twister, dealing a number of hits whereas placing the opponent right into a juggle state. In the event you land this assault within the nook, you’ll be able to observe up with a spread of particular strikes and supers.

Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku – Quarter-circle again + Kick

Carry out the identical spinning kick assault whereas airborne. You need to use this to change the trajectory of your leap, nice for mixing up the opponent. The Overdrive model of this particular assault can be utilized to combo airborne opponents.

Excessive Blade Kick – Half-circle ahead + Kick

Ryu lunges ahead along with his left leg, the heavier the kick, the additional Ryu travels. Returning gamers might know this assault as Ryu’s Donkey Kick, a strong particular transfer that may be adopted up with a brilliant artwork. The heavy model of Excessive Blade Kick can’t be combo’ed into, however it’s secure on block when used from a distance. The Overdrive Excessive Blade Kick hits the opponent so arduous that it triggers a wall bounce, resulting in an prolonged combo.

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Hashogeki – Quarter-circle again + Punch

One among Ryu’s new strikes in Avenue Fighter 6, Hashogeki is a short-range assault that sees Ryu assault his opponent with an power blast. This assault can be utilized as a counter to one-hit projectiles, inserting the opponent in a spinning juggle state. Overdrive Hashogeki offers two hits and has a shorter cancel window to observe up with an extra assault.

Denjin Cost – Double-tap down + Punch

Ryu’s second latest transfer, Denjin Cost alters the properties of a few of Ryu’s particular strikes and tremendous arts by briefly charging up This transfer is best to carry out when you end up full distance out of your opponent.

Listed here are the entire particular strikes Denjin Cost results:

  • Hadoken
  • Shinku Hadoken
  • Hashogeki
  • Shin Hashogeki

Avenue Fighter 6 Ryu Tremendous Arts

There’s no proper or unsuitable technique to spend your particular meter. Relying in your playstyle, you may desire to save lots of your bars to carry out one big combo utilizing a degree three on the finish of the spherical, or it could possibly be higher to deplete your opponent’s well being everytime you get the chance utilizing degree one supers. A very powerful factor is to make use of your tremendous meter as you can’t acquire greater than three bars at any given time.

Degree One: Shinku Hadoken (Quarter-circle ahead x2 + Punch)

Fireplace a big Hadoken towards your opponent, dealing 5 hits right away. This tremendous artwork could be canceled from a spread of assaults, making it extremely versatile as it might probably change the tide of a battle right away. In contrast to in earlier Avenue Fighter video games, this tremendous artwork travels on the similar velocity it doesn’t matter what punch energy you employ. This particular transfer performs barely extra harm whereas Denjin Cost state is energetic.

Degree Two: Shin Hashogeki (Quarter-circle again x2 + Punch)

A stronger model of Hasagoki, this tremendous artwork model could be charged as much as three totally different strengths, every dealing extra harm and draining extra Drive gauge. Shin Hashogeki has a bigger hit field and might destroy as much as three projectiles, permitting you to make use of it as a defensive device. In the event you’re in Denjin Cost state, Shin Hashogeki offers extra harm to opponents.

Degree Three: Shin Shoryuken (Quarter-circle again x2 + Kick)

Crush your opponents with a lethal Shin Shoryuken that’s assured to deal a hefty quantity of harm. Watch out when utilizing this assault as an anti-air because the cinematic animation received’t play until you land a clear hit. This tremendous offers extra harm when Ryu has 25% well being or under.

Ryu combos

Ryu can carry out a whole bunch of combos in Avenue Fighter 6, however as a newbie, you solely have to know a very powerful ones. As you acquire extra expertise combating, you’ll be able to slowly begin to incorporate totally different strikes into your combos. For now, we’re going to focus in your bread-and-butter combos, those it is best to goal to land in each match you play.

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Standing LP, standing LP, standing LP xx Overdrive Hadoken

Ryu’s standing gentle punch could be canceled into any particular transfer. In the event you’re inside touching distance of your opponent, let’s say after a throw, you’ll be able to throw out a jab to check the waters. If the assault lands, observe up with two extra jabs and cancel into an Overdrive Hadoken. This is perhaps the toughest combo on this listing to land persistently, however it might probably rating you an honest quantity of harm with out having to place your self in a clumsy place.

Ahead HP, crouching MP xx Particular Strikes

Ryu’s Photo voltaic Plexus Strike is a good way of advancing ahead whereas threatening your opponent with a robust two-hit assault. If this assault lands, observe it up with a crouching MP – this may be canceled into any of Ryu’s particular strikes, so your combo ender is dependent upon your present scenario. For instance, in case you’re mid-screen and also you wish to take your opponent to the nook, finish the combo with a Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku. Equally, it’s possible you’ll wish to finish the combo with Hashogeki or Shoryuken in case you’re within the nook and also you wish to deal essentially the most harm attainable.

Crouching MK xx Hadoken

Brief however candy, this two-hit combo is a basic Ryu combo that forces your opponent to respect your area. You’re going to wish to be taught exactly how far Ryu’s crouching MK assault lands as that is going to turn out to be one in every of your most used assaults. With out turning into too predictable, you wish to put strain in your opponent by touchdown this two-hit combo each time you’ll be able to. If the crouching MK doesn’t land, don’t launch a Hadoken as this might probably get you in bother. When you get snug touchdown this combo, you’ll be able to change the particular transfer you employ after crouching MK to combine issues up.

Leaping MK, crouching HP xx Heavy Shoryuken xx Shin Shoryuken

Bounce-in assaults could be tough to land at excessive ranges of play, however you shouldn’t have too many issues touchdown a cross-up assault in your opponent within the early ranks. When you’ve crossed your opponent up with Ryu’s leaping MK, go for the max harm easy combo with crouching HP into Heavy Shoryuken, then cancel that into your degree three tremendous artwork. This combo ought to take away at the very least half of your opponent’s well being, so hold that in thoughts when you attain three tremendous meters.

That’s all that you must find out about Avenue Fighter 6 Ryu. With all of that info, it is best to have every little thing that you must take you to the Avenue Fighter 6 launch date and past. In the event you haven’t had an opportunity to look simply but, learn our Avenue Fighter 6 system necessities information to see in case your PC can deal with operating the sport.


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