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Complete Conflict: Warhammer 3 – A mission briefing for brand new Commanders


Combining the intricate lore of Warhammer with the basic gameplay of the Complete Conflict sequence has given rise to a faithful following for Complete Conflict: Warhammer 3. Followers of technique, fantasy, and tabletop-style fight alike have come collectively over the distinctive gameplay, commanding nice armies of demons and monsters.

Should you’ve thus far missed the joy, right here’s the place you strap in your boots. It’s time to select up the helm of Commander and obtain your mission briefing, as your try on the Realm of Chaos marketing campaign will get underway. Get able to determine in your allegiances, and march towards the elusive Chaos Rifts, with the Realm in your sights.

Welcome, Commander, to your mission briefing.

Coronary heart and soul

Your mission is to defend the mortal world from the invading forces of Chaos, which is not any imply feat. To unlock the marketing campaign, you’ll first have to construct and strengthen your military, spreading throughout your individual personal empire, till the 4 Chaos Rifts seem throughout the Realm. Discover your strongest males (or beasts) and head by way of every in flip, pushing ever-closer to claiming the soul of the Daemon Prince inside.

These 4 Rifts result in 4 Realms – Khorne: The Blood God’s Area, Tzeentch: Realm of the Sorcerer, Slaanesh: The Darkish Prince’s Realm, and Nurgle: Land of the Plaguelord. Don’t count on a welcoming committee, as these sinister lands maintain solely demise and destruction. Take up arms and battle your method by way of – the soul of the guardian Daemon shall be yours for the taking when you show your self worthy.

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However beware, after you have three of the 4 fabled souls, you’ll face your greatest problem but: the Shadow Legion, led by the fearsome Be’lakor. From then on, your search will grow to be tougher, continually besieged by these hardy items. Closing the rifts that kind round you is the one approach to preserve them beneath management.

Select your path

Whichever Realm you select to enter first, you should ultimately take all of them. Every has its personal armies, map, and loot – alongside the coveted Daemon soul.

Getting into The Blood God’s Area leaves you open to assault from Rogue Armies and Brazen Thorne, monsters and males cursed to battle endlessly on this fiery land. Don’t enable your self to be distracted by the haunting splendour of the Brass Citadel, or the glowing lights of the everlasting forge’s fires – your objective is just to march ahead and defeat Khorne’s Daemon Prince, the Gatekeeper. The longer you dangle round on this cursed place, the extra you’ll lose your Management Aura and Management.

Use the Chaos Rifts to emerge within the Land of the Sorcerer, and end up trapped on an ever-shifting archipelago. Don’t let the altering paths distract you out of your objective, however keep in mind that shifting from one island to a different may land you nearly anyplace on the map. The armies of the All-Seeing Eye will hunt you down ruthlessly, however when you attain the illusive Unimaginable Fortress, you’ll come face-to-face(s) with the horrifying shapeshifting Librarian, Tzeentch’s Daemon Prince. Take his soul and depart when you nonetheless can.

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Heading to the Land of the Plaguelord requires warning, and a sturdy structure. This repulsive, rotting land is stuffed with the fuel rising from long-dead vegetation and fetid swamps, which can quickly put on away at even the strongest of warriors. However have coronary heart, metal your self and your armies towards the armies of the Bubonic Swarm, and acquire immunity from the Nice Tree earlier than coming into the Mansion of the Plaguelord. As soon as inside, you’ll be capable to battle The Gardener – Nurgle’s favoured Daemon Prince – and add his soul to your assortment.

Should you enterprise into The Darkish Prince’s Realm, you’ll enter a concentric hell, stuffed with armies of the Rapturous Extra and sinister forces laborious at work. This time the distractions come thick and quick, with lethal temptations lurking inside every circle, as you journey deeper inwards towards the Palace of Slaanesh. Combat and resist temptation by way of Avidity, Gluttony, Carnality, Paramountcy, Vainglory, and Indolency – proving your soul sturdy sufficient to take that of The Courtesan.

Discover your battle

If all this appears like a frightening problem, it’s. However concern not, as you’ll have a choice of hardy and brutal items who might be able to match as much as the worst the Chaos Realm can throw your method. From ranged items geared up with armour-piercing capabilities, to heavy cavalry items, able to closing the space and forcing enemies into melee battle.

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You’ll additionally be capable to take the marketing campaign at your individual tempo, coming again to the primary map to beat new lands and strengthen your maintain. Coaching up your items ought to be a breeze when you’ve constructed settlements and army recruitment buildings, and your infrastructure will be designed round your wants, specializing in development, cash, or uncooked energy. Should you survive the Chaos Realm and are available again as a champion, you’ll need someplace wonderful to reign over in your return. As soon as the Realms of Chaos are handled, there’s nonetheless lots to discover…

Choose up a replica of Complete Conflict: Warhammer 3 as we speak with a 33% low cost on Steam till March 23 to expertise this sprawling and difficult marketing campaign for your self.


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