Cyberpunk 2077 mod makes cyberware your supply of armour

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A brand new Cyberpunk 2077 mod fully overhauls the way in which the RPG recreation’s armour system works. Usually, V’s garments (and modifiers) are what decide their armour – a jacket may be more durable than a T-shirt, as an example, or a higher-level pair of pants would possibly supply extra safety. Modder tduality thinks that’s a bit foolish, and has created a mod that shifts armour over to V’s cybernetic mods.

It’s a compelling thought that matches with Cyberpunk’s role-playing roots: as tduality factors out, a cybernetically enhanced physique goes to be more durable than a traditional human’s, no matter what garments they’re carrying. Higher mods are going to be extra sturdy than cheaper ones, so it actually shouldn’t matter what V’s carrying throughout a gunfight – solely what mods they’ve put in.

tduality’s Cyberware RPG Overhaul mod provides a bunch of recent cyberware upgrades for V. There’s bioplastic blood vessels, which grant immunity to bleeding. MicroRotors enhance motion velocity, and a RAM improve doubles V’s reminiscence regen for quickhacks.

A number of current implants have been renamed, and lots of have gotten new descriptions. Each now has varied ranges of high quality and rarity, and most will add some quantity to your general armour.

The brand new cyberware will be present in a number of Night time Metropolis outlets: ripperdoc Viktor sells the uncommon cyberware, Nina has legendary gear, and the epic-level stuff will be present in Santo Domingo – Rancho Coronado.

Should you want a refresher on the right way to equip Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware, our information ought to have you ever coated, choom.

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