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discover Gerudo Desert ‘Chichim’ Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)


Screenshot by PC Invasion

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, lots of the shrines you’ll be able to go to are in plain sight. You’ll simply come throughout them as you discover the land of Hyrule. Others require extra experimentation. In these circumstances, the problem lies find the shrine, fairly than working your means via it. Right here is our information explaining tips on how to discover the Gerudo Desert ‘Chichim’ Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – tips on how to discover Gerudo Desert ‘Chichim’ Shrine

Gerudo Desert has numerous sand. Sizzling winds whip it about, obscuring your imaginative and prescient. Even you probably have a correct map of the realm, your skill to seek the advice of it vanishes when you enter the huge sandstorm.

To seek out the Gerudo Desert’s well-hidden Chichim Shrine, you have to enterprise into the sandstorm and purposefully sink right into a sand pit. After you try this, you have to then navigate the Historical Jail Ruins, that are primarily a dungeon.

Totk Chichim Shrine Bones Ahead Of Sand Pit

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Begin your exploration from Kara Kara Bazaar, which is situated close to the Gerudo Desert’s northeastern aspect, close to the Mayatat Shrine. From the bazaar, head east a brief distance. When you are close to the bazaar, you’ll be able to nonetheless seek the advice of your map. You wish to journey east till your place on the map is straight north of textual content referencing Palu Wasteland.

As soon as you’re in place, journey virtually straight south. Finally, a cloud of sand makes the map go away. Attempt to proceed advancing south in as straight a line as attainable, till you see the large ribcage with enemies gathered round it. Thoughts these enemies as you strategy, and maintain simply to the best of the bones. You need to have the ability to proceed within the basic course you have been already headed.

Totk Chichim Shrine Staring Down The Sand Pit

Screenshot by PC Invasion

As you journey alongside the bones, it is best to come throughout a geyser of air, simply previous a flowering cactus. Jump over the air and pull out your paraglider so the wind carries you as much as a excessive vantage level. Briefly, it is best to have the ability to see your map once more. Then your elevation will drop. Soar towards the south to achieve the sting of an enormous pit of sand. Stroll ahead and towards its lowest level, the place the sand will slowly suck you beneath the floor.

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Looking for Chichim Shrine within the Historical Jail Ruins

After sinking within the sand for a second, you’ll materialize in an underground chamber. A discover seems on-screen to tell you that you’ve found the Historical Jail Ruins. Now it’s worthwhile to navigate these ruins and the enemies and traps guarding them. Thankfully, it’s cooler underground and also you now not want to fret concerning the warmth sapping your life if you happen to didn’t have the best gear or gadgets.

Totk Chichim Shrine Pulling Lever With Ultrahand Ability

Screenshot by PC Invasion

From the place you first seem within the ruins, journey west alongside the hall lined by mineral deposits. Forward, you’ll see a closed gate with torches on both aspect. If you attain the gate, use your Ultrahand skill to drag the change from left to proper. Doing so raises the gate simply past it. Cross via the opening and head proper if it’s worthwhile to replenish your provide of arrows. There are some strewn concerning the ground. To the left, observe the hall previous some cells.

On this jail space, your enemies are the mummy-like Gibdos, which nonetheless creep me out as a result of I keep in mind them shrieking at me in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They’re weak to components akin to hearth, however principally shrug off bodily assaults. Thankfully, they transfer slowly sufficient that it is best to have the ability to run previous them and keep out of their vary. Simply give them a large berth and don’t stick round to allow them to mobilize.

Totk Chichim Shrine Statue With Sword

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Close to the top of the primary hall, it is best to encounter a statue with an upraised sword. The blade is pointing to the best, which is the course it is best to journey subsequent.

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Observe that hall to the following lever and pull it. Then look to the best, the place a gap has now opened. Descend the slabs of stone to a decrease chamber. On the backside, crouch and move below the low opening. From there, veer proper. You’ll move via a couple of enemies right here, together with a lightning-infused jelly, earlier than reaching some extra stone slabs you’ll be able to climb to return to the higher degree.

Totk Chichim Shrine Weak Floor Tiles Ahead Of Switch

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now that you just’re again on the primary ground, begin ahead however take note of the ground. There are two giant stone tiles forward of a change on the far finish of the hall. If you put weight on them, they sink. Stick principally to the left and contact the weak elements of the ground solely briefly in your option to the change. Then pull it.

If you pull the change, you’ll be able to move into the following hall to seek out the statue of the warrior with the sword once more. Cross that hallway and proceed to the change once more. Pull it, then veer to the best and drop again to the decrease degree. Proceed via that area to return to the room that had the week ground tiles. This time, journey them right down to the decrease degree and defeat the glowing cave frog for a Bubbul Gem.

Totk Chichim Shrine Defeated Frog For Bubbul Gem

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After defeating the frog, head alongside the underground hall towards a gate close to the top. By it, it is best to see the shrine. There may be additionally a spot within the stone slabs that comprise the ceiling. Rise via a kind of slabs utilizing the Come up skill. You’ll seem in a room with a treasure chest that incorporates the Gerudo Scimtar.

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Take your treasure and look to the aspect. There are tiles alongside the ground, simply behind the chest. Use the Ultrahand skill to carry them and reveal one other change. Put the Ultrahand skill to make use of once more to drag the change. This produces a gap you’ll be able to move via. Glide right down to the decrease space forward of you to lastly attain Chichim Shrine.

The excellent news: contained in the shrine, you’ll obtain your ordinary reward (together with a Mighty Zonaite Spear) virtually immediately.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now out there for Nintendo Change.


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