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Everybody’s grown up within the new Dragon Prince trailer | WooricaGame


A brand new trailer for The Dragon Prince’s fourth season showcases extra of the high-stakes fantasy motion — and the time skip.

We’ve lengthy identified that there shall be a two-year time bounce on this new season, which corresponds with the real-life hole between seasons. The final season of The Dragon Prince got here out on Netflix in 2019. Now, the characters are a little bit older. Step-prince Callum is the Excessive Mage of the dominion, whereas his little brother has stepped up as king. In the meantime, Elf murderer Rayla has parted methods with the people, in quest of the villain…

… who has been lifeless for the previous two years! However his daughter Claudia has freshly resurrected him with the assistance of mysterious (and horny) Startouch elf Aavaros. In actual fact, this new arc, which is able to span a number of seasons, is all about Aavaros’s quest to manage Xadia. Dun dun dun…

The Dragon Prince returns to Netflix this November.

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