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FFXIV patch 6:35 new gadgets: Splendorous Instruments, Manderville Relics, and extra


Whereas it’s solely a mini-patch, 6.35 comes with a sizeable quantity of latest gadgets. Spouting new all courses most important hand additions and fairly a couple of new collectibles between Orchestrion rolls, Triple Triad playing cards, minions, and all the remainder. Right here’s a breakdown of FFXIV patch 6:35 new gadgets, resembling weapons and instruments, and methods to get all of them.

FFXIV patch 6.35: New gadgets by class — Weapons, instruments, housing

Armory Chest: Weapons

FFXIV Patch 6.35 brings with it two units of fight arms and one set of crafting instruments, in addition to new equipment tied to Eureka Orthos. Per the Hildibrand questline relics, gamers can obtain at merchandise degree 630:

  • Wonderful Manderville Sword (Paladin)
  • Wonderful Manderville Kite Protect (Paladin)
  • Wonderful Manderville Knuckles (Monk)
  • Wonderful Manderville Axe (Warrior)
  • Wonderful Manderville Spear (Dragoon)
  • Wonderful Manderville Harp Bow (Bard)
  • Wonderful Manderville Knives (Ninja)
  • Wonderful Manderville Zweihander (Darkish Knight)
  • Wonderful Manderville Revolver (Machinist)
  • Wonderful Manderville Cane (White Mage)
  • Wonderful Manderville Rod (Black Mage)
  • Wonderful Manderville Index (Summoner)
  • Wonderful Manderville Codex (Scholar)
  • Wonderful Manderville Torquetum (Astrologian)
  • Wonderful Manderville Samurai Blade (Samurai)
  • Wonderful Manderville Rapier (Purple Mage)
  • Wonderful Manderville Gunblade (Gunbreaker)
  • Wonderful Manderville Chakrams (Dancer)
  • Wonderful Manderville Milpreves (Sage)
  • Wonderful Manderville Scythe (Reaper)

The monk weapon is showcased right here. These ones glow! Screenshot by PC Invasion

Stage one duplicate variations of the bottom phases additionally exist for glamour functions from the Home Manderville Vendor in Radz-at-Han (12,7).

As with all Deep Dungeons, Eureka Orthos comes with a full set of weapons resembling the unique in-dungeon weapons however ready for use outdoors, every with an merchandise degree of 620:

  • Orthos Kaltzbalger (Paladin)
  • Orthos Protect (Paladin)
  • Orthos Handleblades (Monk)
  • Orthos Axe (Warrior)
  • Orthos Partisan (Dragoon)
  • Orthos Bow (Bard)
  • Orthos Cleavers (Ninja)
  • Orthos Greatsword (Darkish Knight)
  • Orthos Arquebus (Machinist)
  • Orthos Wand (White Mage)
  • Orthos Employees (Black Mage)
  • Orthos Grimore (Summoner)
  • Orthos Codex (Scholar)
  • Orthos Planisphere (Astrologian)
  • Orthos Samurai Blade (Samurai)
  • Orthos Smallsword (Purple Mage)
  • Orthos Manatrigger (Gunbreaker)
  • Orthos Chakrams (Dancer)
  • Orthos Wings (Sage)
  • Orthos Sickle (Reaper)
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These can be upgraded to merchandise degree 625 and grow to be the Enaretos set, which has a black and pink look as an alternative of white and blue.

Armory Chest: Instruments and equipment

In FFXIV patch 6.35, gamers can work to obtain the Splendorous Software merchandise degree 570 units for each Disciple of Land and Hand’s major and secondary device. These could be augmented to merchandise degree 590. Their third stage of upgrades turns the first hand into the Crystalline device set. These have a particular impact of elevating the rise to high quality up by 1.75 occasions extra each time the merchandise situation is Good through the crafting course of.

Lastly, throughout adventures in Eureka Orthos, gamers can alternate Orthos Tomestones to obtain the Enaretos degree one jewellery set.


A number of new housing gadgets include patch 6.35.

For out of doors furnishings there’s the Orthos Show Stand (exchanged for with Orthos Tomestones from Eureka Orthos) and the Dorpokkur Kiln (crafted from 90 goldsmith recipe).

Indoor furnishings embody:

Easy Low Desk (Bought from housing retailers)

Simple Low Table

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Allagan Terminal Alpha

Allagan Terminal Alpha

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Allagan Terminal Beta (Each presumably from Eureka Orthos)

Allagan Terminal Beta

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Lalafell Lifter (Bought from housing retailers)

Lalafell Lifter

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Rainbow Hopping Rug (Loporrit tribal quests vendor)

Rainbow Hopping Rug

Screenshot by PC Invasion

There are additionally Loporrit Housing Distributors accessible as tribal quests rewards.

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One new coiffure, Trendy Aesthetics – A Shut Shave, is now obtainable by bronze-tinged sacks from Eureka Orthos.

Two new minions have been added. Findingway is from the Loporrit tribal quests, and Personal Pachypodium is from sacks in Eureka Orthos.

As for mounts, there are three new ones: the Moon-hopper, resembling the mobs the Loporrits use to assist them, comes from their tribal quests, whereas the opposite two are from Eureka Orthos. The Orthos Craklaw is a crablike mount present in gold-trimmed sacks, whereas the Aeturna (a white and vivid teal massive cat with armor) requires the participant to talk to Koh Rabntah with all 4 Enaratos equipment or just 4 Orthos Tomestones.

5 new orchestrion rolls are added:

  • Dreamwalker, obtainable from Loporrit tribal quests.
  • Crystal Rain, bronze-tinged sack.
  • The Promise of Plunder, bronze-tinged sack.
  • Battle 1 from Ultimate Fantasy IV, obtainable from Loporrit tribal quests.
  • Forbidden Land (Endwalker), bronze-tinged sack.

4 new Triple Triad playing cards are obtainable:

  • Venat, as a reward for acquiring 376 distinctive Triple Triad playing cards.
  • Dreamingway, from beating Gamingway in Triple Triad. You may problem this NPC after finishing the Loporrit tribal quest storyline.
  • Gancanagh, from silver sacks in Eureka Orthos.
  • Suprae-Lugae, purchaseable for 14,400 MGP from the Triple Triad Dealer within the Gold Saucer.
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Added on this patch, three new framer kits can be found for adventurer plates: the Loporrit Framingway equipment from the tribal quests, and each Eureka Orthos and Enaretos Framing Kits from Eureka Orthos.

Ffxiv Patch 6.35 New Items Fashion Accessory

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Patch 6.35 has one new vogue accent, the Raindrop Protection System (from bronze sacks), an Allagan themed parasol, in addition to an Allagan Barding for Chocobos (bronze or gold sack reward).

Different gadgets added in FFXIV patch 6.35

Patch 6.35 provides the all new Orthos Potions, now purchasable from the Eureka Orthos vendor to grant your character HP regeneration contained in the dungeon.

4 new fish have been added for the Splendorous instruments questline:

  • Spangled Pirarucu from Lake Tusi Mek’ta within the Rak’tika Greatwood.
  • Mirror Picture from Handmirror Lake in Il Mheg.
  • Clavekeeper from Seagazer Shoals in Kholusia.
  • Platinum Seahorse from The Supply in Lakeland.

There’s a new sort of bait, the 560 merchandise degree Choose Bait Ball (accessible for white scrips from Quinnana within the Crystarium, 10.4, 7.8).

This covers all the brand new obtainable and glossy gadgets in FFXIV Patch 6.35. What’s going to you attempt to acquire first?

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