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Finest models to make use of Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Hearth Emblem Have interaction


Hearth Emblem Have interaction has acquired a bevy of DLC in its post-launch roadmap. This consists of 4 waves of DLC, considered one of which is a brand new story. Waves 1-3 of the DLC convey varied gadgets to the sport, and extra importantly, new Emblems so that you can use in fight. Emblems Chrom & Robin, who’re from Hearth Emblem Awakening on the 3DS, got here as a single bundle in Wave 3 of the DLC. Right here’s our information on the very best models to make use of Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Hearth Emblem Have interaction.

Finest models to make use of Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Hearth Emblem Have interaction

Mage Knights

Mage Knights are models in Hearth Emblem Have interaction who can use each swords and tomes. For this reason they’re fairly good to p[air with Chrom/Robin. Specializing within the weapons you obtain from utilizing these Emblems is a leg up compared to different models, as a result of not many focus on Magic and Bodily Assault. 

Fogado/Bow customers

Whereas different bow customers might deserve a slot right here, we predict Fogado fits Emblem Chrom & Robin the very best. That is as a result of probability that Fogado’s Magic stat could be increased than different bow models, making the Tomes you get from utilizing Chrom & Robin worthwhile.

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Bow customers usually are nice to make use of with this Emblem bracelet due to the buffs to Pace/Dexterity that Chrom & Robin present. There’s additionally the added talent that Chrom & Robin have referred to as ‘Shock Assault,’ which permits models to not be counterattacked in the event that they provoke fight from a +Avo terrain. This makes models like Etie, who features further Avo due to being a Covert unit, additionally usable. Shock Assault can also be an inheritable talent, so you need to use it on models without having to have Chrom & Robin hooked up to them.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Dragon models

Dragon models are additionally very usable with Chrom & Robin in Hearth Emblem Have interaction. That is as a result of Have interaction talent and assault modifications for Dragon models. Emblem Chrom & Robin’s Have interaction talent ‘Different Half,’ which permits Robin to chain assault if the person initiates fight, will increase to chain assaults to 2 if the person is a Dragon unit. Chrom & Robin’s Have interaction assault alternatively, ‘Giga Levin Sword,’ offers further injury equal to half of the person’s power in the event that they’re a Dragon unit. 

Finest abilities to inherit from Emblem Chrom & Robin in Hearth Emblem Have interaction

A number of the greatest abilities to inherit have been talked about, such because the Spd/Dex buffs, and Shock Assault, however there are extra too. For a unit who offers crucial injury typically, ‘Brute Pressure’ could be a good possibility. This talent permits the crucial hits of the person to deal elevated injury, which is at all times good to have.

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One other talent that’s a great funding from Emblem Chrom & Robin is ‘Rally Spectrum’ and its upgraded model. This talent permits you to grant adjoining allies +3 to all seven fundamental stats for one flip. It is a nice buff talent which you need to use very effectively for those who line up models appropriately.

Hearth Emblem Have interaction is offered from the Nintendo Retailer.


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