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Forspoken: All Flashback areas information


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Flashbacks are a kind of Monument in Forspoken. These unusual objects dot the countryside and, upon interacting with one, you’ll partake in a time trial exercise. Right here’s our Forspoken Flashback areas information that will help you uncover all Monuments of Knowledge and full the time trial challenges they entail.

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Forspoken all Flashback areas information

The Fundamentals of Flashbacks in Forspoken

The Flashback areas in Forspoken have a flag icon in your map, and so they’re often known as Monuments of Knowledge (i.e., fairly completely different from the opposite Monuments you may come across whereas exploring). Earlier than you head out, we recommend progressing additional within the marketing campaign. Every main boss you hunt and eradicate offers you entry to new areas, in addition to spells (i.e., Zip, Glide, and Float). Furthermore, taking out the ultimate boss nets you the Skip capability, which helps you to quickly fly whereas incorporeal. These powers assist you in exploration and traversal so you may attain far-flung areas.

As for the time trial challenges themselves, there are 4 varieties that you could expertise in Flashback areas in Forspoken:

  • Kill all enemies – Essentially the most simple activity entails defeating all of the enemies within the space.
  • Defend the villagers/horde mode – You continue to must annihilate quite a few hostiles, although you must make sure that NPCs are secure. The monsters all beeline for NPCs, which suggests that is closely reliant on injury output and nuking.
  • Checkpoint run – You’ll should traverse nice distances to succeed in a vacation spot. Alongside the way in which, you additionally should beat just a few enemies which might be blocking the trail.
  • Defeat the boss – A selected miniboss/world boss will seem, and you must eradicate it throughout the time restrict.
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On the finish of your Flashback run in Forspoken, you’ll obtain a rating primarily based in your efforts (i.e., variety of enemies killed, remaining time, and so forth). You’ll obtain some additional mana and numerous crafting supplies.

Flashback areas in Junoon

Junoon has a number of Forspoken Flashback areas. Whereas that is the primary area of Athia that you simply go to, it’s advisable to return right here a lot later within the recreation (and even after finishing the marketing campaign) as a consequence of harder foes.

  • Cipalian Means: The Tempest – Defeat the boss (Bandersnatch).
    • The boss is surrounded by numerous spawning Nightmares. A spell like Distortion (Lightning) will probably be helpful right here because it causes mobs to assault one another. Alternatively, you may pop Maelstrom (Water) near the boss, because it causes a number of injury ticks.
  • Physic Backyard: Run the Gauntlet – Checkpoint run.
  • The Blossomwoods: Impregnable Protection – Kill all enemies.
  • Wolfwoods: Monsters’ Lair – Kill all enemies.
  • Crosstide Coast: Deliverance – Defend/horde mode.

Flashback areas in Cipal

Cipal solely has one Forspoken Flashback areas. Nevertheless, it requires the completion of the marketing campaign so you may obtain the Skip capability. Solely then will you be capable to levitate and cross the hole.

  • Barren Plains: The Fallen Temple – Kill all enemies.

Flashback areas in Praenost

The desert land of Praenost has a number of points-of-interest. You may see these spots within the maps under. We’ve made it easy since these areas are pretty simple to succeed in:

  • The Guardians’ Means: A Fortress Overrun – Kill all enemies.
  • Brass Hole: Raging Rager – Kill all enemies.
  • Center Praenost: A Sign to Strike – Defeat the boss (Recreant Knight).
    • The goal is weak in opposition to Blue Magic. You may pop Maelstrom underneath it to trigger lots of injury in a brief span of time.
  • Pioneers’ Plain: Race for the Ramparts – Checkpoint run.
  • The Mustering Floor: A Village Besieged – Defend/horde mode.

Flashback areas in Avoalet

You’ll discover just a few extra challenges within the Avoalet area. One location of notice is The Moulderings, which requires you to Glide throughout the lake in Samum Coast all the way in which to the east. That’s the one method you’ll attain The Moulderings zone:

  • The Water Backyard: A Very important Outpost – Defend/horde mode.
  • The Fountainfields: A Bridge Too Far – Defeat the boss (Pitiless Arbiter).
    • You may strike it swiftly with Fireplace spells (i.e., Blast Slice) to make fast work of it.
  • Golden Hills: Runner’s Selection – Checkpoint run.
  • The Moulderings: Fortress Clear-Out – Kill all enemies.

Flashback areas in Visoria

Lastly, you’ll uncover a number of Forspoken Flashback areas within the Visoria area. One place that you simply won’t have visited earlier than is Yonder Cape. You may attain it by taking the southern exit in Visoria Fortress’s courtyard. Maintain going south till you’re properly previous the zone. Ultimately, you’ll come across a cliffside path. Use Zip right here to cross gaps till you arrive in Yonder Cape. The Flashback spot is alongside the coast.

  • Shepherd’s Meadow: Head for the Plains – Kill all enemies.
  • Visorian Plateau: Nightmare’s Roost – Kill all enemies.
  • Academy Hills: Outpost on the Fringe of Despair – Defend/horde mode.
  • Internal Visoria: Downhill Sprint – Checkpoint run.
  • Yonder Cape: Again-Street Raid – Defeat the boss (Bardaga Lantern).
    • You’ve in all probability seen this object earlier than previous to battling the Mindless Savant. It’s immune to break till you are taking out the mobs which might be shielding it.
    • You’ll be up in opposition to Recreant Knights, Pitiless Arbiters, and several other Spectral Archers. You’ll must beat the Recreant Knights first (use Water spells like Maelstrom) to take away the Bardaga Lantern’s defend. Solely then will you be capable to injury it.
    • Likewise, watch out to not fall off the cliff, as that may trigger you to fail the problem. You’ll don’t have any alternative however to restart the duty.

Forspoken is on the market by way of Steam.


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