Genshin Influence: Candace greatest weapons and artifacts information

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Candace is armed with a mighty defend and Polearm, functioning as an off-field DPS and a distinct segment buffer for the Regular Attacking specialists of your workforce. Candace’s distinctive playstyle permits her to empower characters like Yoimiya or Kamisato Ayato, who deal heavy injury with Regular Assault DMG. Subsequently, the most effective artifacts and weapons you’ll be able to equip Candace with will assist empower her means to assist her teammates. Right here’s our Genshin Influence Candace greatest weapons and artifacts information that will help you construct the most effective Candace potential.

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Genshin Influence Candace greatest weapons and artifacts information

Candace’s greatest weapon choices

Favonius Lance The Favonius Lance is a 4-star Polearm weapon that’s accessible to most gamers. This stable weapon is beneficial for a lot of assist characters who depend on utilizing their Elemental Burst, because it gives a large quantity of Power Recharge. The Favonius Lance drops further power particles on a important hit, making this an important assist weapon as nicely. (You get the power particles, after which swap to a different character, funneling the power into their Elemental Burst.) You have to to construct some Crit Price to make use of this weapon.

Black Tassel (R5) – The Black Tassel is a free-to-play 3-star Polearm weapon that’s viable as one of many solely Polearms within the recreation to lift HP%. Candace’s Elemental Burst buffs your characters’ Regular Assault DMG, and that is elevated additional the extra HP Candace has due to her 4th Ascension Passive. When you’ve got sufficient HP% by way of her artifacts, then the Black Tassel is a superb choice for Candace.

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Workers of Homa – The Workers of Homa is a superb alternative for Candace that may buff each her HP% and Crit DMG. The HP% given is decrease than the Black Tassel, solely 20% in comparison with the Black Tassel’s 46.9%. Moreover, Candace’s injury isn’t nice, making constructing injury on Candace a questionable alternative. Because of this, the Workers of Homa is probably not as helpful on Candace as different assist weapons, and it’s not advisable to make use of this on her. That being mentioned, in the event you insist on constructing a Candace who can dish out excessive numbers, the Workers of Homa is your greatest wager.

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Candace’s greatest artifact choices

Noblesse Oblige

  • 2-piece bonus – +20% elemental burst injury.
  • 4-piece bonus – +20% ATK for all celebration members for 12 seconds after utilizing an elemental burst.

The 4-piece Noblesse Oblige will additional assist Candace buff the injury of her allies, making this the clear winner for this character.

Emblem of Severed Destiny

  • 2-piece bonus – +20% power recharge.
  • 4-piece bonus – Will increase the injury of your elemental burst by 25% of your power recharge price. You may acquire a most of 75% bonus injury on this method.

Candace’s Power Recharge necessities are excessive, and her Elemental Ability doesn’t present loads of power particles. Subsequently, it’s advisable that you just use the Emblem of Severed Destiny in case you are struggling to get sufficient Power Recharge to persistently use her Elemental Burst.

Tenacity of the Millelith

  • 2-piece bonus – +20% HP.
  • 4-piece bonus – +20% ATK and +30% defend power for celebration members when an elemental ability is used. The impact lasts three seconds and might be triggered as soon as each 0.5 seconds. It may also be triggered even when the artifact set wearer isn’t on the sphere.
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It is a area of interest choice that will increase Candace’s HP%, subsequently rising the buff on her Elemental Burst. In case you do choose to make use of Tenacity of the Millelith, it’s advisable to pair it with 2-piece Emblem of Severed Destiny. The 4-piece bonus of each the Tenacity and Emblem set isn’t useful for Candace usually.

Artifact stat priorities

  • Essential stats: Power Recharge / HP% / HP%: We wish to be certain that Candace can persistently use her Elemental Burst right here. When you meet the edge, you’ll be able to concentrate on including HP% to extend the buff that Candace gives.
  • Sub-stats: Power Recharge / HP% / Crit Price: Power Recharge, once more, is required to make sure Candace can persistently use her Elemental Burst. Some Crit Price is beneficial in case you are working the Favonius Lance. In any other case, go HP% to extend Candace’s buff.
Candace Best Weapon Artifact Genshin Impact

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