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Over Peaks is the Day 3 Paper Theater problem in Genshin Influence. Issues are going to get extra sophisticated because you now should take care of wind currents and flooring plates. Right here’s our Genshin Influence Paper Theater Over Peaks information that can assist you with this exercise that’s a part of Lantern Ceremony 2023.

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Genshin Influence Paper Theater Throughout Mountains information (Lantern Ceremony 2023)

For Genshin Influence’s Over Peaks puzzles within the Paper Theater exercise, we’ve labeled a few of the movable slides based mostly on their beginning positions. Further directions we offer are based mostly on no matter is perhaps the brand new slides/landscapes in that spot when you’ve rearranged them accordingly.

Scene 1

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Over Peaks Puzzle Scene Guide 1a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • The primary Paper Theater Over Peaks slide in Genshin Influence provides the wind present mechanic. As anticipated, it is going to trigger your character to glide/float upward.
  • Swap the bottom-left place to begin with the wind present on the top-left. It will trigger the determine to stumble upon the stone pillar in top-mid.
  • When the determine is within the top-left slide, swap it with the bottom-right half.
  • Doing so will make the character glide to the chest.

Scene 2

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Over Peaks Puzzle Scene Guide 2a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • This Paper Theater Over Peaks scene in Genshin Influence introduces flooring plates that the character can step on, inflicting gaps in some areas to completely shut. Nonetheless, stepping on the identical plate would create a spot within the pathway once more.
  • Begin the scene and let the character stroll to the wind present in bottom-mid. As soon as he’s gliding, transfer bottom-mid to bottom-right.
  • He’ll stumble upon the sting of the canvas. Nonetheless, the wind present will raise him to the other edge and make him step on the plate. This breaks open one of many stone ledges.
  • Whereas he’s nonetheless within the top-middle slide/earlier than he hits the pillar, swap top-right and bottom-right. He’ll stroll again to the wind present.
  • Simply as he’s gliding, transfer top-right to bottom-left. It will permit him to succeed in the chest.
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This completes all Genshin Influence Over Peaks scenes for the Paper Theater exercise. Subsequent up, you’ll do the Adeptus Ex challenges.

Scene 3

Genpct V34 Lntrev Ppttr D3 Ovp 3a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • There are many thorns right here, so be careful. First, let the character stroll to the wind present in bottom-mid.
  • As he’s gliding, transfer bottom-mid to bottom-right. He’ll glide upward.
  • As soon as he’s within the top-right slide, swap bottom-mid and bottom-right. This ensures that he lands on the ground plate.
  • Let him attain the wind present and transfer bottom-mid to bottom-left. He’ll get lifted upward.
  • As quickly as he lands on the higher ledge, swap bottom-left and bottom-mid. He’ll fall down, however the wind present will take him on to the chest.

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