Gholdengo weaknesses and greatest counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Gholdengo is a brand new Pokémon first encountered in Technology 9. It has a golden physique, and combines Metal and Ghost parts with an unusually excessive Particular Assault score. It additionally has strong Protection, Particular Protection and Velocity rankings. Its commonplace assaults don’t hit particularly exhausting, however that’s small comfort. Right here’s our information on Gholdengo’s weaknesses and greatest counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Gholdengo weaknesses and greatest counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Gholdengo is totally resistant to status-focused assaults, apart from uncommon illnesses inflicted as a aspect impact of different strikes. You’ll waste treasured time should you attempt to debuff or paralyze Gholdengo.

Your greatest wager towards Gholdengo is to keep away from a protracted battle. Attempt to strike first with a strong assault in case your Pokémon is quick, or at the least be sure you can survive the primary spherical lengthy sufficient to counter exhausting. To hit Gholdengo the place its weaknesses lie, use talents with Darkish, Fireplace, Ghost, or Floor affinity.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Gholdengo Stats

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Once you face Gholdengo, it’s a good suggestion to carry out a powered-up Fireplace-type Pokémon like Skeledirge, or a powerful Floor-type Pokémon reminiscent of Garchomp, Mudsdale, or Nice Tusk. Darkish-type Pokémon can do nicely, however be sure that to decide on quick ones like Meowscarada or they could not get an opportunity to inflict any harm.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Gholdengo Gathering Gimmighoul Coins

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If you wish to purchase a Gholdengo of your individual, first discover and seize a Gimmighoul. They conceal inside uncommon treasure chests. Search for them atop watchtowers, or in corners alongside the sting of ruins.

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Apart from capturing a Gimmighoul, collect 999 Gimmighoul Cash (the utmost quantity you may carry). You earn them when capturing the Gimmighoul enemies of their chests. Typically, you may earn a smaller reward from tiny Gimmighoul enemies positioned on partitions in ruins, or at excessive factors alongside cliffs and buildings. Lastly, an NPC in Medali (West) space mentions discovering cash. He typically arms over a few of them.

When you posses 999 Gimmighoul Cash, degree up your Gimmighoul as soon as. It’s going to evolve into Gholdengo.

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