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Hebra South Summit Cave Frog Location in Tears of the Kingdom


Screenshot by PC Invasion

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents gamers with a wide range of collectibles. One collectible, the Bubbul Gem, requires you to defeat unusual frog enemies in caves round Hyrule. Right here is our information detailing the Hebra South Summit Cave’s frog location in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – Hebra South Summit Cave frog location

If you defeat the cave frogs that ship out a path of bubbles, they drop Bubbul Gem objects. You possibly can commerce these gems for loot. When you want extra info, examine our information on tips on how to get and use Bubbul Gems. The frogs you need to defeat as a part of the method aren’t troublesome. Discovering them is the issue.

The frog in Hebra South Summit Cave hides particularly effectively. Earlier than you go in search of it, be sure to have a working bow, Arrows, and Hearth Fruit. As soon as you’re suitably geared up, work your manner nearly to the top of the cave after coming into it from the course of Hebra Trailhead Lodge.

Totk Hebra South Summit Cave Frog Looking Down On Side Passage

Screenshot by PC Invasion

As you method the top of the cave, you’ll defeat an enemy that likes to hold round on the partitions and ceiling. Handle him and proceed ascending. You’ll quickly attain a big vertical chamber. Thorny vines cowl the partitions above you. To succeed in the exit, you need to climb the wall whereas avoiding the vines. Usually, you make your option to a excessive ledge close to the cavern ceiling, which has a few small Boulders resting on it. From there, you’ll ascend alongside one other thorn-lined passageway.

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To seek out the frog, you must as an alternative take a detour earlier than ascending alongside that passage. Look again down on the vertical room you simply ascended. Pay shut consideration to the partitions. You must spot a gap off to at least one aspect (to your proper, as you look down from the upper ledge). The opening blends in effectively, so you must look intently. I spent a while scouring the cave, wanting all over the place for the frog, and I nonetheless missed noticing it a couple of instances.

When you determine the opening, glide all the way down to it. You’ll discover it results in a dead-end chamber. Some thorns block entry. To securely proceed, burn the thorns out of your manner by firing a flaming arrow. Then defeat the frog and seize your loot. There is also a mineral deposit on this chamber you can destroy with a stone weapon.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is obtainable on the Nintendo Change.


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