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Hogwarts Legacy: Corridor of Herodiana Puzzle Information


Screenshot by PC Invasion

There are numerous secrets and techniques and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. Certainly one of these takes place within the Corridor of Herodiana, a secret space within the citadel that’s accessible provided that you begin a sidequest. Right here’s our Hogwarts Legacy information that can assist you clear up the Corridor of Herodiana puzzle and sidequest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Corridor of Herodiana puzzle information – Methods to get all chests within the secret space

To start out fixing the Hogwarts Legacy Corridor of Herodiana puzzle, you’ll need to progress additional within the marketing campaign till you may have two necessary spells: Accio and Depulso. That’s since you’ll be pushing and pulling a number of blocks within the secret space.

Anyway, step one is grabbing the hunt itself. Quick journey to Astronomy Wing: Charms Classroom and search for a Ravenclaw pupil within the lounge. The scholar, Sophronia Franklin, says that she desires to unravel a thriller, so simply agree to assist her. Subsequent, ensure you’re monitoring the sidequest and quick journey to Astronomy Wing: Protection In opposition to the Darkish Arts Tower. Observe the path and also you’ll see a wall with a block. Forged Depulso on it, inflicting a door to be revealed.

Puzzle #1

As famous above, the Hogwarts Legacy Corridor of Herodiana puzzle is all about shifting blocks to the proper positions. Whereas there’s just one path that results in the exit, you’ll have to do further actions if you wish to open the optionally available chests:

  • Push the duo-block to the left wall.
  • Push it to the doorway. Climb as much as open the chest.
  • Lastly, push the article to the alternative finish so you possibly can exit this half.
  • The small chest right here has a beauty piece for the Herodiana’s Set. Truly, all three sections reward you with these cosmetics for transmogrification.

Puzzle #2

  • There’s a solo-block and a duo-block. The second they’re bunched up collectively, they’ll be caught for good. As such, we need to reposition them appropriately with a purpose to get the chest.
  • Initially, you’ll need to face the blocks from the alternative aspect (first picture). Subsequent, push the solo-block to the doorway wall.
  • Pull the duo-block to the place the solo-block was. Pull it once more till it’s on the back-left space.
  • Pull the solo-block to the left. It is best to have one thing like what’s seen within the second picture under.
  • Now you can mix the 2 by pulling the solo-block to the duo-block.
  • Pull the combi-block to the indentation (third picture).
  • Then, pull it to the doorway. It ought to hit the ledge the place the chest is (fourth picture).
  • After opening the chest, push the combi-block all the way in which to the exit.

Puzzle #3

That is the third and last Hogwarts Legacy Corridor of Herodiana puzzle part, and it introduces a brand new mechanic: the reset swap. Principally, it resets the place of the movable block regardless of your present location. We’ll deal with that later. For now, let’s deal with the optionally available chest:

  • Push the block to the far finish, and push it once more so it’s on the right-hand wall (first picture).
  • Subsequent, pull it a couple of instances to the left and towards you. You’ll then be capable to climb up and get the chest (second picture).

Now, we’re going to need to do a reset. Hit the swap together with your fundamental assault and do the next:

  • Pull the block in order that it’s on the right-hand wall, then push it towards the swap.
  • Transfer to the left aspect of the room, then pull the block towards you. It is best to be capable to cross it to one of many everlasting ledges (first picture).
  • Whereas standing on the far ledge, hit the swap to reset the block’s place.
  • Use Accio to tug it towards the exit. Then, pull it to the left. This allows you to cross the hole (second picture).

And that’s it, you’ve clear up the Hogwarts Legacy Corridor of Herodiana puzzle. Your rewards embrace three beauty items (the Herodiana’s Set), in addition to random stuff from the optionally available chests. You may see items of the beauty set used for transmog within the picture under.

Anyway, return to the lounge exterior the Charms Classroom and speak to Sophronia as soon as extra. This can conclude the sidequest.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle Guide 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy is on the market through Steam.


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