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Hogwarts Legacy: How one can get Imperio – Feldcroft Catacomb puzzle information


Screenshot by PC Invasion

Imperio is a spell in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s an Unforgivable Curse, one that’s used to thoughts management a hapless opponent into doing all your bidding. Right here’s our Hogwarts Legacy Imperio information that will help you with the Feldcroft Catacomb puzzles as a part of Within the Shadow of Time.

Observe: For extra data, take a look at our Hogwarts Legacy guides and options hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this information comprises spoilers.

Hogwarts Legacy information – How one can unlock Imperio and clear up Feldcroft Catacomb puzzles (Within the Shadow of Time quest)

The Imperio spell in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t a compulsory requirement. In reality, you may select to not be taught it. However, earlier than we get to that, let’s discuss what you should do to unlock the search:

  • Hearth and Vice – You’ll assist Poppy retrieve a dragon egg.
  • Professor Weasley’s Project – This allows you to be taught Transformation.
  • Within the Shadow of the Examine – This nets you the Crucio curse (or you would select to not be taught it).
  • Sebastian’s quest chain – Take note of your quest log as a result of Sebastian may have some sidequests and extra conversations now and again.

Ultimately, you’ll get the Hogwarts Legacy Within the Shadow of Time quest. You’ll accompany Sebastian to Feldcroft Catacomb, which is within the southern portion of the Hogwarts area. Your go-to spells right here can be Incendio and Confringo resulting from all of the spiders, and Accio/Wingardium Leviosa for the puzzles. Likewise, you’ll periodically use Depulso to push particles and ruined doorways. Additionally, whereas there are a number of chambers right here, we’ll focus totally on the notable puzzle areas.

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Puzzle #1: Bone Doorway

  • There must be a few skeleton piles in the primary chamber (i.e., one on the altar). You will discover extra by pulling the handles of every grave.
  • Use Accio/Wingardium Leviosa to convey the skeletons close to the torches, which is able to trigger the doorway to totally type.
  • This results in the following foremost space, however earlier than that…
Hogwarts Legacy Imperio How To Unlock Imperius Curse Feldcroft Catacomb Puzzle 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Optionally available: Skeleton Bridge

  • Test the facet path that leads down. It’ll take you to a darkish chamber stuffed with Satan’s Snare. When you go close to the vines, you’ll lose HP.
  • To keep away from any mishaps, shoot your Confringo projectiles or an upgraded Incendio AoE. This can allow you to pull the handles with Accio.
  • Cross the bridge to succeed in a bunch of chests. You can too open the gate that leads again to the earlier space.
Hogwarts Legacy Imperio How To Unlock Imperius Curse Feldcroft Catacomb Puzzle 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Be taught Imperio or nope the heck outta there?

  • Sebastian will discuss one other Unforgivable Curse. This time, you may select to be taught the Imperio spell in Hogwarts Legacy by way of dialogue. After all, you may also decline, however the place’s the enjoyable in that?
  • Immediately, spiders will begin spawning, so be sure to’re prepared for a combat.
  • After the bout, you may test the small nook to your proper. There’s a Legendary Chest you can open.
  • Subsequent, head to the left, which is able to result in the final chamber.
Hogwarts Legacy Imperio How To Unlock Imperius Curse Feldcroft Catacomb Puzzle 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Puzzle #2: Bone Doorway

  • That is the room seen on this information’s featured picture. As typical, you’ll must convey bone piles subsequent to the torches. Nonetheless, two are hidden behind movable partitions.
  • To make the partitions reveal the bone piles, you’ll want to have a look at the symbols. For example, the picture beneath has one thing that appears like an “S” and beneath that may be a circle. Which means you should pull the deal with with the “S” image, adopted by the deal with with the circle image.
  • After this, you’ll combat extra spiders, and also you’ll choose up the relic that Sebastian is in search of.
Hogleg Un4csp2 Impr Fld 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Though the Hogwarts Legacy Imperio spell is yours (or not), there are nonetheless a couple of duties remaining. First, you’ll discuss to Ominis Gaunt, then you need to depart the dungeon. When you’re exterior, you’ll see that Feldcroft Village is below assault. Get there as quick as you may and take out the goblin troops.

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When you selected to acquire Imperio, you may take a look at it for your self. The spell will solely have an effect on one enemy at a time, and so they’ll find yourself attacking their former comrades. You received’t be capable to goal a thoughts managed enemy in any respect, so you need to look forward to the impact to put on off earlier than you may take them out.

Hogleg Un4csp2 Impr Fld 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy is obtainable by way of Steam.


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