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Hogwarts Legacy: Methods to Beat the Pensieve Guardian – Boss Information


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The Pensieve Guardian is a boss in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll first encounter this hulking swimsuit of armor on the finish of the Percival Rackham’s Trial quest after going by a number of veil portal puzzles. This boss has simply telegraphed assaults, although you’d be in for a world of damage for those who’re not cautious. Right here’s our Hogwarts Legacy information that can assist you defeat the Pensieve Guardian, in addition to full the problem to destroy the orb.

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Hogwarts Legacy information: Methods to beat the Pensieve Guardian and destroy the orb

The Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian encounter is preceded by a fast combat in opposition to weaker Pensieve mobs. If you happen to’re already low on well being potions, strive to not waste them right here. Time your dodges and blocks fastidiously so that you’re higher ready for the upcoming battle.

In any case, the Hogwarts Legacy Pensive Guardian boss has a number of talents, together with a problem the place you’ll want to destroy the orb. Right here’s what you’ll be able to count on:

  • Shockwave Stomp – If you see a pink flash, it’ll stomp on the bottom, making a shockwave that travels in a straight line. That is unblockable so you’ll want to dodge it.
  • Obliteration Orb – In between a few Shockwave Stomps, your foe will create a glowing orb. To destroy it, take note of its coloration. That’s as a result of it’s just like enemy shields: hit it with a spell that matches the colour and it’ll break. Firstly of the combat, it’ll possible forged yellow orbs, which implies you need to use one thing like Glacius. Later, although, it should additionally create purple orbs, which implies countering with magic like Depulso.
  • In search of Strike – When under 50% well being, the Shockwave Stomp will even spawn a missile that houses in in your location. This may be blocked and deflected again at your foe.

Final however not least, the Pensieve Guardian’s different problem process requires you to forged Historic Magic. You are able to do this by urgent the “X” key, which will even trigger the boss to get shocked. You possibly can then wail away with mixture spells like Glacius, adopted by Incendio or Confringo.

That’s mainly the way you beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy. Crack open these orbs through the use of the right magic grouping/coloration. Then, use your Historic Magic final to stun. For the remainder of the combat, you’ll possible simply spam your primary assault to recharge your Historic Magic meter.

Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian Destroy Orb Percival Rackham's Trial Guide 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When you’ve completed this encounter, you’ll attain the mid-game level of the marketing campaign. Extra fundamental quests shall be unlocked, such because the Helm of Urtkot and The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament (which is able to reward you with Alohomora). It should additionally lead to a couple sidequests that permit you to seize Beasts like Unicorns and Hippogriffs, in addition to a technique to improve your gear items.

Hogwarts Legacy is offered through Steam.


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