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Hogwarts Legacy potions defined


Brewing Hogwarts Legacy potions is an integral a part of the college curriculum and an important instrument in your battle in opposition to darkness. Potions are small bottles of liquid that imbue the consumer with varied results when ingested. From Harry Potter lore, these results fluctuate wildly and are solely restricted by the creativity of the brewer – rising again damaged bones, bodily transformations, and even falling in love are usually not out of the realms of risk.

Throughout your time in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the possibility to attend potions class and whip up just a few concoctions of your individual. You even have the chance to steal the Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper feather, so give our information a learn to search out out whether or not you need to assist out your fellow scholar. Fortunately, there’s no Professor Snape in sight, however you’re nonetheless going to need to hold your focus ranges up.

How you can brew Hogwarts Legacy potions

To brew potions in Hogwarts Legacy, you have to gather the required elements and take them to a potion station. You should buy recipes from J. Pippin’s Potion retailer in Hogsmeade to brew potions with completely different results.

Should you haven’t reached the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement simply but, you might have to depend on the potion station discovered within the Potions Classroom. The primary time you’re requested to brew a potion in school, it’s a must to observe a sequence of quick-time occasions, however this sequence solely happens as soon as.

Each Hogwarts Legacy potion

There are just a few Hogwarts Legacy spells within the Harry Potter sequence that don’t seem within the sport. We predict this may occasionally need to do with a lot of the potions within the RPG sport having an impact in fight at the start. You don’t have entry to fancy drinks like Polyjuice potion in Hogwarts Legacy, however we do have an inventory of the potions you should utilize in school.

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Listed here are all the Hogwarts Legacy potions:

  • Wiggenweld potion: Restores a portion of your well being bar when consumed. Prices 100 Galleons.
  • Maxima potion: Will increase your spell harm for a restricted period of time. Prices 300 Galleons.
  • Invisibility potion: Renders you invisible to most enemies for a short while. In comparison with the Hogwarts Legacy spell, Disillusionment, the potion is way stronger and can be utilized to flee from enemies who’ve already noticed you. Prices 500 Galleons.
  • Edurus potion: Creates a rock-like layer over your total physique, rising the drinker’s protection. Prices 300 Galleons.
  • Focus potion: Reduces the cooldown time in your spells. Prices 500 Galleons.
  • Thunderbrew: Creates a storm above the drinker’s head which damages and stuns any close by enemies. Can be utilized with the invisibility potion to harm enemies with out being detected. Prices 1,000 Galleons.
  • Felix Felicis: Will increase your luck for a brief time period. This potion can solely be obtained within the PlayStation 5 model of Hogwarts Legacy by pre-ordering the sport.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: A Slytherin student crushing up ingredients using a pestle and mortar

All Hogwarts Legacy potion elements

Brewing your individual potions is usually a time-consuming activity, however you’ll save a variety of money in the long term as a substitute of paying Parry Pippin’s extortionate costs.

Listed here are all the Hogwarts Legacy potion elements:

  • Mongrel Fur: Clumps of fur gathered from mongrels. Used to create the Edurus potion. Prices 50 Galleons.
  • Troll Bogeys: Thick mucus obtained from trolls. Used to create the Invisibility potion. Prices 100 Galleons. Alternatively, use our Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys information to search out extra if the shop runs out of inventory.
  • Leaping Toadstool Caps: Leaping mushrooms which are generally present in forested areas. Used to create the Invisibility potion. Prices 150 Galleons.
  • Leech Juice: Bottled leech juice might be discovered close to waterfronts. Used to create each the Maxima potion and Thunderbrew. Prices 150 Galleons.
  • Spider Fang: The venom from spider fangs might be harnessed to brew potions. Used to create the Maxima potion. Prices 50 Galleons.
    Stench of The Useless: Essence gathered from the Inferi. Used to create Thunderbrew.
  • Lacewing Flies: Delicate wings generally present in open fields. Used to create Focus potion. Prices 100 Galleons.
  • Horklump Juice: Juice gathered from small creatures that resemble mushrooms that cover underground. Used to create Wiggenweld potion. Prices 50 Galleons.
  • Dugbog Tongue: Picked immediately from the mouths of Dugbogs. Used to create the Focus potion. Prices 100 Galleons.
  • Ashwinder Eggs: These eggs might be present in dwellings and deserted campfires. Used to create the Edurus potion. Prices 150 Galleons.
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Hogwarts Legacy potions: The brewing menu when you use a potion station in Hogwarts Legacy

Each Hogwarts Legacy potion recipe

Whilst you can merely buy the potions you want from J. Pippin’s Potion retailer, we extremely advocate saving up your cash so you should buy every recipe as a substitute. J. Pippin solely sells a finite quantity of every potion, and also you’re going to wish all the potion recipes sooner or later throughout the college 12 months.

Listed here are the elements required for the Hogwarts Legacy potion recipes:

  • Wiggenweld potion recipe: 1x Horklump Juice, 1x Dittany Leaves. Brewing time takes 15 seconds.
  • Maxima potion recipe: 1x Leech Juice, 1x Spider Fang. Brewing time takes 30 seconds.
  • Invisibility potion recipe: 1x Leaping Toadstool Cap, 1x Knotgrass Sprig, 1x Troll Bogey. Brewing time takes one minute.
  • Edurus potion recipe: 1x Ashwinder Eggs, 1x Mongrel Fur. Brewing time is 30 seconds.
  • Focus potion recipe: 1x Lacewing Flies, 1x Fluxweed Stem, 1x Dugbog Tongue. Brewing time takes one minute.
  • Thunderbrew recipe: 1x Leech Juice, 1x Shrivelfig Fruit, 1x Stench of The Useless. Brewing time takes one and a half minutes.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: the in-game wheel showing potions and other items to use in combat

How you can use Hogwarts Legacy potions

Should you weren’t paying consideration in potions class throughout the Hogwarts Legacy quest, you may not bear in mind how you can use potions in-game. Fortunately for you, it’s as straightforward as holding down the LB/L1 button in your controller to convey up the gadgets wheel. From there, choose the potion you wish to use with the appropriate stick and let go of the menu button to equip it. After you have the potion chosen, press LB/L1 to drink the potion. The one exception to that is the therapeutic potion, in any other case referred to as the Wiggenweld Potion which is all the time assigned to down on the d-pad.

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Combining your new-found information of Hogwarts Legacy potions along with your arsenal of spells and your ever-increasing skills signifies that nothing can stand in your method. Try how you can import your home and wand into Hogwarts Legacy to essentially personalise your time within the wizarding college. And in case you’re in search of high-quality titles, listed below are one of the best PC video games to spend your free time on.

The creator of the Harry Potter sequence, JK Rowling, has made various transphobic remarks on social media in recent times. Warner Bros. has the licence to make video games based mostly on Harry Potter. Whereas the small print of that deal aren’t publicly identified, and WB Video games says “J.Okay. Rowling is just not immediately concerned within the creation of the sport”, it’s possible that, because the creator and proprietor of the Harry Potter IP, she’s going to earn royalties from its gross sales. Should you’d prefer to study extra about transgender equality or lend your help, listed below are two essential charities we encourage you to take a look at: the Nationwide Heart for Transgender Equality within the US, and Mermaids within the UK.


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