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Honkai Star Rail – How you can clear Simulated Universe World 6


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Honkai: Star Rail encompasses a recreation mode often called the “Simulated Universe,” a roguelike mode the place you’re pitted in opposition to quite a few robust bosses and enemies whereas gaining buffs that can assist you alongside the best way. World 6 of the Simulated Universe options many waves of respawning enemies, so AoE injury is really helpful for this world. Observe this information for some suggestions and tips in clearing World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail.

How you can clear World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail

To unlock World 6 of the Simulated Universe, you’ll must clear the prior worlds earlier than it. World 6’s Elite enemies and mobs aren’t too troublesome, however function a startlingly troublesome boss struggle in Cocolia. World 6 of the Simulated Universe has a really helpful workforce degree of 60, with the ultimate boss being rated at Stage 65. Nevertheless, we managed to clear World 6 utilizing a workforce of Stage 50 characters and Gentle Cones.

World 6 of the Simulated Universe options enemies weak to Hearth, Electrical, and Quantum. Breaking the weak point of Cocolia is extraordinarily necessary, so remember to have at the very least 3 out of 4 models in your workforce with these parts. There are 13 levels within the Simulated Universe, and the ultimate ground options the mega boss Cocolia.

Really useful workforce comps & paths

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [8]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • The workforce we cleared with consisted of Welt / Hearth Trailblazer / Bailu / Serval. AoE injury is necessary right here as Cocolia will repeatedly respawn enemies all through the struggle. Serval may also whittle down Cocolia’s weaknesses.
  • Seele / Bailu / Hearth Trailblazer / Asta is a good set-up, with every character able to shutting down Cocolia’s weak point break. Seele is an offensive powerhouse and among the best DPS models within the recreation proper now, whereas Bailu can present some essential heals.
  • Serval / Hearth Trailblazer / Natasha / Asta is probably going your finest wager for a free-to-play pleasant workforce. All gamers ought to have obtained a Serval, and she or he’ll deal essentially the most of your workforce’s injury. Hearth Trailblazer is an effective tank and has good Weak spot Break, whereas Asta has Weak spot Break on her Talent. Natasha has the additional benefit of cleaning Frozen allies, which could be very useful in Cocolia’s closing part.
  • We extremely advocate taking The Hunt on your Path. Tailoring for 10 Hunt blessings could be very useful in taking down the mobs Cocolia spawns. You may as well use Abundance to heal by a few of her harder assaults.
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Cocolia boss struggle technique

Beating this struggle under-leveled is feasible. For the aim of this information, we used “The Hunt” blessings and reached 10 completely different Hunt blessings to hit two completely different Resonance Formation buffs: Resonance Formation: Bow & Arrow, and Resonance Formation: Excellent Intention. These permit you to unleash a mess of lethal AoE assaults, letting you give attention to Weak spot Breaking Cocolia.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [2]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Throughout part 1, Cocolia will begin the struggle alone. Use this second to deal as a lot injury as you possibly can, however save your Path Resonance assault. As soon as Cocolia takes her flip, she’s going to use the transfer Omen of Eternal Freeze to summon one Ice Edge. The Ice Edge is an extra enemy that may deal sturdy AoE injury in opposition to your workforce. If you’re taking The Hunt blessings and have each really helpful Resonance Formations, use each costs to simply defeat the Ice Edge. This part is comparatively easy. Cocolia will periodically resummon the Ice Edge, so use your Resonance Formation assault when this occurs.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [3]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Throughout part 2, Cocolia will summon an extra boss instantly after this part begins: Bronya. Bronya is weak to Bodily, Hearth, and Imaginary, so bringing models that may take care of her weaknesses as effectively is beneficial. Bronya’s primary utility on this struggle is to buff Cococlia’s assault, and Motion Ahead her strikes making certain that she will go earlier than you. That is devastating as Cocolia can spawn her Final capability, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [4]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

One key distinction between Phases 1 & 2 is Cocolia’s Omen of Eternal Freeze capability. As a substitute of summoning one Ice Edge, she’s going to spawn two. This isn’t truly an enormous deal you probably have the really helpful Hunt blessings listed above, as you possibly can destroy each of them in a single flip and refill your costs earlier than she spawns them once more.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [5]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The troublesome a part of Section 2 is Cocolia’s ult, Wrath of Winterland Saints. This transfer has Cocolia cost up a devastating Ice assault that may deal immense injury to your workforce if you don’t Weak spot Break her in time. Weak spot Breaking her is important should you do have the set-up to tank this assault. For this part, it’s extremely really helpful to avoid wasting your Ultimates to make sure you can interrupt this assault.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [6]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

We advocate defeating prioritizing Bronya’s defeat first to make sure that she can’t Motion Ahead Cocolia’s Final. Make the most of your Path Resonance assault to defeat the Ice Edges once they spawn. Cocolia will at all times Ice Edge first, and comply with up together with her Final. 

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [7]

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Throughout part 3, Cocolia will now not have Bronya to assist her out. Nevertheless, a big AoE will periodically injury your workforce and probably Freeze your characters. Debuff them if potential. In any other case, the struggle is usually the identical as Section 2. Use your Path Resonance assault to defeat the Ice Edges when summoned, and make sure you possibly can Weak spot Break Cocolia whereas she makes use of her ult.

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Honkai: Star Rail is accessible by way of its official web site.




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