New Junker Queen and Kiriko bug in Overwatch 2 pulls them in several instructions

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Bugs and Overwatch 2 are nearly synonymous at this level, on the latest January 2023 stability patch has bugged out two characters. Junker Queen was the true winner of the January 2023 patch, with buffs meant to slingshot her into viability. However what possible wasn’t on Overwatch 2 and Blizzard’s radar was a doubtlessly game-breaking bug that may enable Junker Queen to make use of her Carnage infinitely with out cooldowns. In the meantime, these screaming for a Kiriko nerf will probably be comfortable to see this newest bug that impacts her Swift Step potential.

Junker Queen’s Carnage is a big sweeping axe assault that offers a great quantity of injury. This potential acquired an enormous buff this patch, decreasing its cooldown by 2 seconds everytime you get a takedown with Carnage. This cooldown discount works per enemy defeated, that means you’ll be able to doubtlessly don’t have any cooldowns in any respect. Sadly, this buff went on a bit too robust, and Junker Queen can farm cooldown discount off of destructible objects.

Limitless carnage

This contains balcony railings, staircase railings, and even Mei’s Ice Wall. That’s proper, pair up a wise Ice Wall with Mei, and Junker Queen will be capable of slay with out stopping. The precise sensible use of that is questionable, but it surely’s not completely out of the query {that a} struggle may happen close to an space with tons of issues to destroy. Nevertheless, extra arguably impactful is Kiriko’s Swift Step bug.

Kiriko’s Swift Step is her mobility software, permitting her to teleport to an ally. Throughout this teleport, Kiriko is cleansed of all unfavorable results, together with any anti-heals or damage-over-time results corresponding to Ashe’s Dynamite. This was a good way to get again to security and keep away from loss of life for Kiriko. Nevertheless, this bug makes it so Kiriko now not cleanses herself whereas teleporting. It is a rather more impactful bug and an enormous nerf to Kiriko’s survivability.

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Hopefully, Overwatch 2 can kind out the Junker Queen bug and Kiriko bug quickly. Till then, you’ll be able to take part in Overwatch 2‘s Battle for Olympus occasion, which incorporates a new free-for-all sport mode and different collectibles you’ll be able to earn all through the occasion.

Kiriko Overwatch2 Support bug

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