One thing to sit up for: Current mods and official re-releases present that the newest ray tracing methods can essentially change the look of decades-old PC video games. Nvidia’s upcoming RTX Remix guarantees to assist modders deliver the know-how to many extra classics, starting with a remastered model of Portal this fall.

On Tuesday, Nvidia unveiled RTX Remix, a platform to assist modders add ray tracing options to DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 video games. The function can even enable customers to enhance the textures of older video games and add Nvidia Reflex and DLSS 3 (or DLSS 2.0 for customers of Ampere and Turing GPUs).

An RTX Remix mod will change a recreation’s unique API with a 64-bit Vulkan renderer. Modders can export their RTX Remix mods into recordsdata that drop right into a recreation’s listing alongside the executable, they usually should not battle with these from Nexus Mods or different websites.

In DX8 or DX9 video games that help mounted operate graphics pipelines, RTX Remix makes use of a customized D3D9 runtime to intercept draw calls and reinterpret recreation property to transform them into the Common Scene Description (USD) framework. The transformed property are suitable with many commonplace recreation growth apps like Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, SideFX Houdini, and Unreal Engine, making them simpler for modders to edit.

Correctly supporting ray tracing requires a recreation’s supplies and textures to hold sure qualities that titles from the DX8 period typically lack. Remix permits customers so as to add options like physically-based rendering supplies, regular maps, and elevated geometric element, so that they react to mild extra realistically. Modders can even use RTX Remix’s AI options to extend texture resolutions by 4x.

Nvidia’s platform additionally lets modders add new lighting to outdated video games or use a recreation’s unique lights so as to add ray-traced shadows, ambient occlusion, reflections, and world illumination. Moreover, RTX Remix consists of three new lighting options Nvidia unveiled this week.

The primary, RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI), can add tens of millions of tiny dynamic lights for issues like fireballs, LEDs, or billboards to a scene with out considerably impacting efficiency. One other new function — Reservoir Spatio Temporal Significance Resampling International Illumination (ReSTIRGI) — makes use of a number of bounces to calculate per-pixel right oblique lighting. Lastly, Nvidia’s Actual Time Denoisers (NRD) ought to scale back noise in ray-traced lighting with higher efficiency than earlier denoisers.

To display RTX Remix, Valve revealed Portal RTX — a ray-traced remaster of its 2007 puzzle recreation. Portal RTX provides rebuilt textures, high-polygon character fashions, DLSS, and Nvidia Reflex. Its ray tracing options embody RTXDI, ReSTIRGI, NRD, Volumetric ray-traced lighting, and ray-traced emissive particles.

Portal RTX releases in November as a free improve to these proudly owning the unique title. Nvidia additionally demonstrated RTX Remix’s results on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Mount & Blade.