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Octopath Traveler 2 – The best way to unlock Conjurer secret job


In Octopath Traveler 2, there are eight base jobs that the sport’s essential forged fulfills. It’s attainable to get a second job for every character utilizing licenses however that second job isn’t simply restricted to the eight base jobs. There are an extra 4 secret jobs that the characters can entry. That is our information on learn how to unlock the Conjurer secret job in Octopath Traveler 2.

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The best way to unlock Conjurer secret job in Octopath Traveler 2

To make use of Conjurer as a second job you have to to defeat all 5 bosses in The 5-Tiered Tower which could be discovered close to the doorway to Fort Ku. This space is simply accessible after clearing Chapter 5 of Hikari’s story.

The bosses present in The 5-Tiered Tower get stronger and stronger as you climb. Fortunately, you don’t must defeat all of the bosses again to again. You possibly can heal up and put together for every battle one after the other with out having to fret about shedding progress.

Tier 1: Incomes the correct to get the Conjurer license in Octopath Traveler 2

The primary opponent you’ll face is the Information who needs you to show that you would be able to tackle the tower. The Information has 30,000 HP and is weak to Dagger, Bow, and Wind. This boss isn’t tough in any respect as he hardly offers any harm. Keep away from boosting whereas breaking his defend by sticking to common abilities. As soon as The Information’s shields are damaged, increase up and deal as a lot harm as attainable.

Tier 2: Ichchadhari the Snake Charmer

The second opponent is Ichchadhari. She is a snake charmer who has 85,000 HP and is weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, and Lightning. Ichchadhari summons Ivory Snakes which have 22,000 HP and are weak to Sword, Axe, Ice, and Mild.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

To defeat Ichchadhari and take the subsequent step to get the Conjurer license in Octopath Traveler 2, you first must take down the Ivory Snake she spawns. Because it solely has 4 Shields it isn’t tough to interrupt them and end it off. Though she solely spawns one to start with, afterward within the battle Ichchadhari will spawn two Ivory Snakes directly. So it’s helpful to have entry to area-of-effect assaults that hit the Ivory Snakes’ weaknesses.

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Ichchadhari herself doesn’t hit that arduous, however she has some irritating assaults. Her three most troublesome assaults are Paralyzing Fang which inflicts Unconsciousness, Snake Session which inflicts Blindness, and Twin Snake Spin which saps lots of SP. You should definitely carry alongside a way of persistently curing these standing situations plus SP restoration objects.

Tier 3: Tyran the Seeker

Generally known as Tyran the Seeker, the third boss is a warrior who has 100,000 HP and is weak to Sword, Bow, Fireplace, and Darkish. He solely makes use of bodily assaults and hits like a prepare if not handled suitably. Fortunately with some preparation, Tyran isn’t that arduous to beat.

Since Tyran depends on bodily assaults, you may decrease his harm by both dropping his Bodily Assault or elevating your social gathering’s Bodily Defence. Be careful for his second ‘I See All’ which grants him the Counterattack buff, permitting him to return bodily hits. Together with his exploitable weaknesses to Sword and Bow, it’s tough to keep away from his counterattacks fully, however having a celebration member devoted to therapeutic to offset harm from counterattacks is worth it.

Tyran The Seeker The Five Tiered Tower Boss

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When Tyran’s well being drops down, he’ll achieve 10 Shields and start charging up. If this charged assault lands, your social gathering is nearly as good as lifeless. Fortunately, you’ll get a number of turns to interrupt him earlier than this occurs. Hikari and Ochette are sturdy right here with Hikari accessing highly effective multi-hit Sword assaults like Limb from Limb, and Ochette in a position to make use of multi-hit Bow assaults like Rainbow Shot through her provoke talent. With the correct strikes and the usage of a supporting Apothecary or Cleric to heal, defeating Tyran isn’t too tough.

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Tier 4: Audnvarg

The fourth opponent that you simply’ll must defeat to get the Conjurer license in Octopath Traveler 2 is Audnvarg. This fierce beast is extraordinarily sturdy and has 100,000 HP with weaknesses to Axe, Bow, Fireplace, and Mild throughout its first part. On high of its monstrous power, Audnvarg will eat one among your social gathering members in part one leaving you with one fewer choice to interrupt its defend.

It’s essential for this battle that you’ve got multi-hit strikes that benefit from Audnvarg’s weaknesses. For part one, some good abilities to make use of are Ochette’s Desert Apeking III provoke, and Hikari’s Frenzied Fireplace realized talent. These are highly effective multi-hit Bow assaults that may break Audnvarg’s shields rapidly. As soon as damaged, increase up and deal as a lot harm as attainable to get via to part two.

Audnvarg The Five Tiered Tower Boss Octopath Traveler 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Throughout part two, Audnvarg’s weaknesses change to Sword, Employees, Lightning, and Wind. Having Hikari with the Limb from Limb realized talent is very nice right here because it knocks off 4 shields in only one flip. Some different helpful abilities for breaking part two embrace the warrior’s Aggressive Slash, Ochette’s Headless Horseman provoke, and the cleric’s Mystical Employees.

Outdoors of getting the correct abilities to interrupt Audnvarg rapidly, it’s additionally helpful to debuff his bodily assault. The scary half about Audnvarg is how laborious he hits, however, when debuffed, this may be managed. Lastly, contemplate having a devoted social gathering member only for therapeutic to keep away from any pointless KOs.

Tier 5: Priestess Hinoekagura

The ultimate opponent to defeat the tower and procure the Conjurer license in Octopath Traveler 2 is Priestess Hinoekagura. The priestess is a conjurer herself, has 200,000 HP, and is weak to Axe, Employees, Wind, and Mild in Sword Type and weak to Spear, Bow, Ice, and Darkish in Younger Lady kind. In Sword Type, she is going to use primarily use multi-hit bodily assaults, and in Younger Lady kind she is going to primarily use elemental assaults.

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Having the correct abilities to interrupt each of her kinds rapidly is a should to outlive this battle. When you can’t break her shields rapidly, Hinoekagura won’t solely deal devastating harm but additionally use her SP-sapping talent. Having to always replenish SP and heal your social gathering will depart you with fewer alternatives to interrupt her defend after which this hopeless cycle will repeat. Not having good multi-hit abilities that focus on Hinoekagura’s weaknesses makes this battle tougher than it must be.

How To Unlock Conjurer Octopath Traveler 2 Priestess Hinoekagura Final Boss

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Some good abilities to interrupt her Sword kind are Ochette’s Vagrant Frogking III provoke, the Armsmaster’s On the Hunt, the cleric’s Mystical Employees, and Hikari’s Wild Smash realized talent. In opposition to Hinoekagura’s Younger Lady kind the most effective abilities you should use are Hikari’s Spearfishing realized talent, Hikari’s Frenzied FIre realized talent, Ochette’s Island Frogking III provoke and the hunter’s Exact Shot.

Any social gathering members who don’t have entry to efficient break abilities ought to concentrate on help. It’s these social gathering members that shall be answerable for therapeutic. buffing, and SP restoration. Castti with Apothecary/Cleric and Temenos with Cleric/Apothecary are each glorious suits for this position. Having a service provider is sweet too, as they’ll donate BP to your social gathering’s laborious hitters after breaking Hinoekagura’s defend to raised capitalize on the chance.

Receiving the Conjurer license in Octopath Traveler 2

As soon as Priestess Hinoekagura is defeated a cutscene will play the place she compliments your power. Seeing you as an appropriate candidate for the Conjurer license she is going to hand it over formally unlocking the Conjurer secret job. Moreover, defeating her will full the ‘A Tower of Trials’ aspect story which rewards 20,000 Leaves and x1 Conjurer’s Raiment.

Octopath Traveler 2 is obtainable on Steam.


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