Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework leaked: Is it true?

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Roadhog from Overwatch 2 is slated to get adjustments in a slight rework. The notorious tank hero is well-known in the neighborhood for his trademark one-shot combo. Roadhog, as we all know him now, goals a hook at an enemy and drags them in, giving him an opportunity to shoot them within the face and kill low-HP targets in a single shot. Nevertheless, Roadhog’s rise in dominance satisfied Blizzard that his present design was unhealthy for the sport, spurring a rework that will “goal his one-shot potential.” And lately, it seems the Roadhog rework was leaked forward of his incoming Overwatch 2 patch.

Whereas official particulars of this Roadhog rework in Overwatch 2 haven’t but revealed by Blizzard, there are these claiming to have seen them. This features a consumer named KnockKnock on TikTok. In accordance with this alleged leak, Roadhog’s Main Weapon now has two modes: a single shot and a burst mode. The latter will fireplace a number of photographs rapidly with much less accuracy and an extended reload time. His Chain Hook is now Chain Toss, and can throw a series at an space dealing injury to anybody caught in it. Roadhog will then pull himself towards the place the hook landed.

Was the Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework leaked?

In accordance with this leak, Roadhog may also get a brand new skill named ‘Junkstorm.’ The power unleashes a “whirlwind of junk,” damaging and knocking again enemies caught on this storm. His Final is now ‘Hog Wild,’ which can permit him to rework right into a “big, unstoppable hog,” rising his motion velocity and charging by enemy gamers. To this point, this leak is totally unverified, and also you is likely to be questioning whether or not or not it’s true.

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The video purports to indicate a leaked developer web page itemizing the adjustments for Roadhog, and the font is noticeably completely different and poorly formatted. Moreover, the video doesn’t point out any supply of the leak, decreasing the chance of its validity even additional. The unique video did go viral on TikTok with over 1.5 million views. And whereas there are various commenters who appear to imagine, it’s extremely potential this leak isn’t actual. We’ll know for certain, nevertheless, as soon as Blizzard reveals its plans for the ‘hog.



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