Overwatch 2: Tips on how to Counter Mei

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Mei is the frosty hero that the majority Overwatch 2 gamers have grown to hate. Her unique playstyle in Overwatch is essentially reviled, together with her major hearth initially freezing the enemy altogether, permitting for a straightforward headshot. Her gameplay is slightly totally different in Overwatch 2 now, together with her major hearth dealing extra harm however dropping the freeze. Nonetheless, Mei is an annoying champion to cope with, together together with her slows and supreme skill, Blizzard, which nonetheless can freeze enemies.

Nevertheless, regardless of the irritability that will come up from Mei’s existence, there are nonetheless loads of methods to counter this chilling champ. Mei has many exploitable elements of her package, together with her lack of mobility, her lack of vary, and her lower-than-average harm. With all these elements thought of, Mei is mostly not thought of a robust hero. Comply with this information to study why and how one can counter Mei subsequent time you see her in one among your ranked video games.

Tips on how to counter Mei in Overwatch 2

Certainly one of Mei’s main weaknesses is an enormous lack of mobility. Whereas she will be able to safely enclose herself in her Ice Block, Mei doesn’t have the means to chase cellular heroes. This implies when choosing a tank, you would possibly wish to think about choosing a extra cellular tank, corresponding to Winston or D.Va. Her lack of mobility is compounded by her lack of vary. Mei’s major hearth is brief and stubbly, unable to shoot enemies who aren’t near her face. Subsequently, choosing enemies that may play out of her major hearth, corresponding to Pharah or Junkrat, may be sensible picks.

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Mei’s Final, Blizzard, is among the stronger elements of her package. A typical technique is to make use of your wall to isolate an enemy from the crew and toss a Blizzard into their face, securing a freeze. When the enemy crew is frozen, they’re vulnerable to taking all types of harm. Nevertheless, a mere Kiriko and her Safety Suzu can cleanse allies from this freeze and forestall them from prompt dying. Zarya’s Bubble will work the identical approach.

Mei Counter

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One factor to notice about Mei is the large nerf to her Ice Wall. Her Ice Wall used to have extra HP, which allowed you to go to a choke and wall off enemies as they stroll in. For instance, you would possibly use your wall on King’s Row to isolate a Reinhardt and rapidly kill him. The HP was dramatically nerfed, nevertheless, which means it’s crucial that you just shoot the wall. It would go down rapidly, and you’ll reconvene together with your allies after Mei partitions them off.

Mei Counter 2

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Lastly, think about avoiding characters that Mei herself might counter. Mei’s Ice Wall remains to be helpful for reducing line-of-sight for characters like Widowmaker or Ana, stopping them from dealing harm to your crew or therapeutic theirs. Different cellular helps corresponding to Kiriko or Lucio who can traverse Mei’s Ice Partitions are a greater choose. You must also notice that one headshot from Mei’s secondary hearth will one-shot a Tracer. If a Mei is nasty with their proper clicks, you would possibly wish to keep away from taking part in the blinking fury.

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These are our recommendations to counter Mei in Overwatch 2. For our ideas on the sport’s heroes, take a look at our tier lists on finest DPS, finest Tanks, and finest Help.



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