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Phantom Brigade – Newbie’s information


Phantom Brigade is a comparatively easy sport. You have got your big robots, you could have give them orders, you kill the enemy. Nevertheless, even after passing the tutorial, you should still want some assist. So right here’s our newbie’s information for Phantom Brigade.

Our newbie’s information for Phantom Brigade

How do I command models?

You possibly can click on on enemy models to see an in depth breakdown of their timeline. Screenshot by PC Invasion

In Phantom Brigade, every unit is given orders individually. Choose a unit by both clicking them on the sphere or on their tab above the timeline Afterwards, you’ll be able to choose an order you wish to problem by clicking on an icon above the unit tab. If it’s a motion order, you’ll be able to choose the place the unit will go on the battlefield. If it’s an assault or defend order, first choose a spot for it on the timeline, then select the goal on the sphere.

  • Orders of the identical sort (assault and assault, transfer and transfer) can not overlap.
  • New run or wait orders will at all times be put proper after the tip of the final run or wait order.
  • New run or melee order will at all times be put proper after the tip of whichever order concludes final as they take up each motion and assault actions.
  • You possibly can click on common assault actions to maneuver them on the timeline.

Orders could go previous the 5-second window, however solely a little bit. Assault orders will proceed the subsequent flip. Wait or run orders may be canceled within the subsequent order section.

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How do I transfer models in Phantom Brigade?

Phantom Brigade Guide (10)

The soar vary will not be challenge straight onto the terrain, so there could also be some fiddliness into setting the soar to falling inside most vary. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Items in Phantom Brigade most frequently transfer utilizing the Run order. To set a Run order, choose the place the unit will go on the battlefield. You will note dotted line for the route. The size of the route versus the pace of your robotic will decide how lengthy the Run motion will take.

  • Soar (and Melee) are particular transfer orders: you’ll be able to’t shoot/defend throughout them.
  • Soar (and Melee) will at all times take the identical period of time, regardless of the utmost distance of the soar.

Past the above, there are different ideas with regard to leaping in your mech. A slower mech with good warmth dealing with can get round quicker by leaping. There’s a minimal vary required for jumps, and terrain usually will get in the way in which of the soar arc. Typically instances, it’s sufficient to again up a little bit earlier than leaping.

You possibly can see whether or not your mech will collide with different models throughout motion by mousing over the the whole order on the timeline and searching for yellow bubbles on the motion path. The sport is not going to warn you about crashes nor will it pause you earlier than executing orders if they might end in crashes. It’s completely protected to crash into mechs of decrease weight class and all automobiles, although — this stuns them.

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How do I combat in Phantom Brigade?

Phantom Brigade Guide (23)

Missile paths usually are not drawn after launching and transferring over the timeline doesn’t simulate their flight. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Combating orders in Phantom Brigade may be carried out concurrently motion orders. While you give an assault order, you’ll have the ability to see optimum weapon vary and the prospect to hit the goal on the battle map. By setting an assault order first after which drawing up a motion that occurs throughout the identical time, you’ll be able to see how motion will influence accuracy and whether or not the goal will stay in optimum vary or develop into blocked.

  • Some weapons have a hard and fast scatter quantity with no regard to motion, so these are good to make use of on the transfer.
  • Phantom Brigade will inform you when the missiles will hit, however not simulate them in planning mode.
  • Weapon turrets can principally be ignored by simply staying exterior their vary – the sport will show it throughout motion order planning.
  • When planning melee assault, the melee weapon slash demonstrates the trajectory the weapon will take in the course of the assault. You should use this to arrange hits on particular targets.
  • Utilizing concussive weapons to concuss pilots will award you undamaged loot.
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How does marketing campaign map gameplay work in Phantom Brigade?

Phantom Brigade beginner's guide (66)

Tools saved by means of random occasions could possibly be utilized in subsequent random occasions. Screenshot by PC Invasion

On the marketing campaign map, you progress your mech round along with your cell base. The traditional cruise motion mode is at all times accessible.

You possibly can analysis Stealth (which decreases the vary you may be detected, however slows you down) and Overdrive (makes you quicker, however detected from additional out). These modes depend on battery energy. No matter Stealth, in the event you keep detected lengthy sufficient by a settlement, it should name in reinforcements.

  • Assault useful resource caches for extra loot and workshop fees.
  • Workshop fees unlock weapon and equipment manufacturing within the workshop.
  • Tools convoys are additionally a very good supply of workshop fees.
  • The cell base must be upgraded by way of the analysis display screen to have the ability to produce Unusual and Uncommon tools.
  • A few of the analysis choices provide tradeoffs, particularly in the case of the bases’ pace and detectability.
  • When you’ve got the salvage capability, don’t flip elements with attention-grabbing mods into salvage submit battle.
  • You possibly can take the mods out within the stock display screen; there’s a button for scrapping elements however not the removable mods.

To liberate a province, you have to click on the “Contest Province” button to start out the method. Any settlements you freed already gained’t depend. As a province is contested, some bases and patrols can be marked as essential. Normally, it takes liberating 4 of them to totally liberate a province.

  • Dwelling Guard battles are simply timed occasions; if the timer runs out, Dwelling Guard loses and their power gauge goes down. If the gauge totally depletes, the liberation fails.
  • Any battle fought within the contested province depletes enemy energy, however the essential ones do it higher.

Phantom Brigade is accessible on Steam.


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