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Pokémon Go 2022 Neighborhood Day schedule | WooricaGame


Pokémon Go hosts a Neighborhood Day each month (with some exceptions). Every Neighborhood Day incorporates a particular Pokémon, growing its spawn price and permitting gamers to seek out it Shiny simply. Our Pokémon Go Neighborhood Day schedule lists out previous and future Neighborhood Days in 2022, the featured Pokémon, and the particular strikes they study.

Replace (Sept. 19): We’ve added details about Litwick Neighborhood Day in October.

Under, we listing the entire introduced Pokémon Go Neighborhood Days for 2022, together with the featured Pokémon and the particular event-exclusive transfer they study.

Niantic might announce dates forward of time with out saying what Pokémon will probably be featured, and people dates are famous beneath.

Based mostly on earlier patterns, we’ve had one Neighborhood Day a month, with December getting a full Neighborhood Weekend that options the entire earlier Neighborhood Day Pokémon from the previous 12 months.

In January, we additionally had a second Neighborhood Day, labeled as a “Neighborhood Day Basic” that includes Bulbasaur, who was initially a featured Pokémon in 2018. We later obtained a Mudkip Neighborhood Day Basic in April, so it does look like these traditional days will proceed. The sample of how usually we’ll get them is unknown.

Pokémon Go 2022 Neighborhood Day schedule

Date Neighborhood Day Particular transfer
Date Neighborhood Day Particular transfer
Jan. 16 Spheal Powder Snow and Icicle Spear
Jan. 22 Bulbasaur (Neighborhood Day Basic) Frenzy Plant
Feb. 12 Hoppip Acrobatics
Mar. 13 Sandshrew and Alolan Sandrew Nightslash (Sandshrew) and Shadow Claw (Alolan Sandslash)
April 10 Mudkip (Neighborhood Day Basic) Hydro Cannon
April 23 Stufful Drain Punch
Could 21 Alolan Geodude Rollout
June 25 Deino Brutal Swing
July 17 Starly Gust
August 13 Galarian Zigzagoon Hinder
Sept. 18 Roggenrolla Meteor Beam
Oct. 15 Litwick Poltergeist
Nov. 5 TBA (Neighborhood Day Basic) TBA
Nov. 12 TBA TBA
December TBA TBA

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