Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Greatest areas to catch excessive stage Pokémon

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The brand new open-world design of the Era 9 video games has resulted in lots of high-level Pokémon spawning throughout Paldea. Catching these high-level Pokémon is helpful as they are often highly effective additions to your crew. Moreover, they don’t require as a lot time or sources to make Tera Raid prepared. Right here’s our information on the very best areas to catch high-level Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

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Greatest areas to catch high-level Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

Alfornada Cavern

Situated beneath the mountainous city of Alfornada, Alfornada Cavern consists of a sequence of caves that may be explored early on. Inside these caves is a wide range of high-level Pokémon together with a stage 50 Darkish-type Tera Umbreon. You can too encounter different fascinating Pokémon like Gabite, Shelgon, and Toxtricity right here.

Alfornada Cavern Location Pokémon Scarlet Violet

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Space Zero

Unsurprisingly, Scarlet and Violet‘s predominant endgame space incorporates loads of high-level Pokémon. Contained within the depths of The Nice Crater of Paldea, Space Zero is residence to a variety of Pokémon as much as stage 66. The standout characteristic of Space Zero is that it’s the solely location the place the brand new Paradox Pokémon can spawn. Excessive-level Historic Paradox Pokémon will be encountered at this location in Scarlet and Future Paradox Pokémon will be encountered right here in Violet.

The Great Creater Of Paldea Location Area Zero Pokémon Scarlet Violet High Level

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Casseroya Lake

Casseroya Lake is a big physique of water present in northwest Paldea the place you battle the False Dragon Titan. It additionally occurs to be residence to loads of high-level Pokémon. Some notable Pokémon that may be caught right here embody Altaria, Dondozo, Gyrados, and Tatsugiri. You can too discover a Degree 55 Fairy Tera-type Azumarill which is a good entry Pokémon for Tera Raids.

Casseoroya Lake Location Pokémon Scarlet Violet

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Dalizapa Passage

Dalizapa Passage is the situation of the highest-level wild Pokémon present in Scarlet and Violet. Contained in the passage, you’ll be able to battle a Degree 75 Ice Tera-type Lucario with Ice Punch and Meteor Mash. Catching this Lucario early on is a typical technique for speedrunners trying to full Scarlet and Violet as quick as attainable. Different notable Pokémon present in Dalizapa Passage are Axew, Bagon, Espathra, Hariyama, Lycanroc, Naclstack, and Scovillain.

Dalizapa Passage Tera Lucario Level 75 Location Pokémon Scarlet Violet

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North Province (Space Three)

Situated on the northern tip of Paldea, North Province (Space Three) is an efficient location to seek out high-level Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. Across the Fairy Crew base, you’ll be able to encounter Chansey, Eiscue, Gastrodon, Hawlucha, and Sylveon amongst others. The Chansey spawns are significantly helpful as they are often farmed for quick early- and mid-game expertise.

North Province Area Three Fairy Crew Base Location High Level Pokémon Scarlet Violet

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