PSVR 2 Unlikely to Ever Work on PC, Says Creator Behind PSVR 1 Compatibility Driver

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No extra ungainly break-out containers to deal with; fortunately PSVR 2 connects to PlayStation 5 by way of a single USB-C cable. However should you assume you’ll have the ability to plug in that seemingly normal cable to a VR-ready PC to play Half-Life: Alyx such as you would possibly with standalones comparable to Quest 2, Vive XR Elite or Pico 4, you’ll be sorely upset. PSVR 2 received’t work as a PC VR headset, and in keeping with the developer behind unofficial conversion software program iVRy Driver, you shouldn’t purchase one with the anticipation that it ever will.

Plug in an authentic PSVR into a pc, and the PC thinks it’s an extra monitor. That was the place to begin again in late 2016 for a lot of to start cobbling collectively unofficial assist for PC VR video games. One such go-to staple for PSVR-to-PC conversion is iVRy Driver for SteamVR, an ongoing venture created by indie studio Mediator Software program.

However what about PSVR 2? In a Reddit thread discussing the subject, Mediator Software program says you need to save your money if you wish to purchase a PSVR 2 particularly for PC VR gaming:


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