Skyrim mod turns each NPC into the Dragonborn, and it’s chaos

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For me, it’s the dumber the Skyrim mod, the higher. That’s to not say foolish adjustments can’t utterly overhaul the Bethesda RPG sport and make it really feel contemporary – I really like seeing what the neighborhood does to not solely breathe new life into Tamriel, but additionally make Skyrim the dumbest sport alive Fortunately each of those containers get ticked with this new mod, because it makes each single NPC within the sport the Dragonborn.

That’s it, actually. Referred to as “Everyone seems to be the Dragonborn” and developed by modder hesmick, this Skyrim mod merely offers all NPCs the world over the power to shout Fus Ro Dah on the participant, and it’s about as chaotic as you’d think about.

Extra particularly, it offers all NPCs who can usually communicate the power to do Skyrim shouts, with the one actual piece of recommendation being to keep away from cliffs. In case you had any kind of lore questions concerning the mod (and why would you?), hesmick says “the Dragonborn is asleep” and that “he’s dreaming the entire thing.”

That is a type of Skyrim mods that’s so dumb it in a short time loops round to being genius. Certain, it has no long-term functions that profit your latest Skyrim save, however it’s humorous. It is probably not as game-changing as a whole DLC-sized voice-acted Skyrim mod, however it feels shut at the very least.

hesmick even tagged it as “honest and balanced,” as some kind of sick joke, and I’m completely right here for it. I assume it’s a reference to Syndrome in The Incredibles as a result of when everyone seems to be tremendous, nobody is.

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In case you fancy much more bonkers Skyrim mods primarily based round shouting from hesmick, they’ve made mods that allow you to shout whereas falling and swimming, and one other that replaces Unrelenting Drive with Gordon Ramsay. Like once you mix two components for sudden but superb outcomes, I’m certain giving all NPCs Unrelenting Drive and making all of them sound like Gordon Ramsay is a good suggestion.

You could find the Everyone seems to be the Dragonborn mod and the remainder of hesmick’s work over on Nexus Mods.

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