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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Bounty Hunter Places


What’s cooler than being a Jedi? Being A bounty hunter along with being a robust house wizard. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor lets you try this. For the reason that recreation has so much to do aside from the principle story, you can spend a very long time attempting to get that 100% purpose. Bounty searching is the one facet exercise you are able to do (though there are ones linked to the story) and can aid you acquire further expertise factors. Every one is situated on the numerous planets which might be featured within the recreation, and in some instances, chances are you’ll miss them. Learn this information to find all bounty hunter location in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

All bounty hunter places in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Be aware earlier than we go additional, this information has a spoiler on the finish. You’ve been warned.

To begin being a bounty hunter, first discuss to Caij Vanda. She could be discovered on Koboh and is discovered throughout an early story mission. There are a complete of seventeen bounties you want to gather, and every combat is tough. So that you’ll be spending a while finishing them.

Koboh bounty hunter places:

Korej Lim: This bounty begins the search, and is part of the principle story. To seek out him, he’s situated on Koboh in Devasated Settlement.

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Meyen Corr: Staying on Koboh, head to Harvest Ridge after which search for a path between Boiling Buff and Untamed Downs. It’s proper close to the outpost and laborious to overlook.

Raz: Search for the Forest Array on Koboh, he could be discovered within the second upper-level part of the array.

Selfin Jook: Within the Observatory Understucter, Selfin shall be on the floating platform on this space.

Vaslyn Martz: Head to the Fogged Expanse on Koboh. Beat all of the enemies within the space, when you try this, she’s going to come out with two extra enemies.

Kip Ostar: He’s fairly straightforward to search out, go the Derelict Dam and he’ll be within the nook behind just a few crates.

Jedah bounty hunter places:

Corde The Half and PR-85T The Different Half: Coping with one bounty is a activity. Prepare for a 2 on 1 combat. To get to this bounty, attain the highest of the cliff within the Halls of Ranvell. As talked about earlier than, there shall be two. So get lightsaber stances to accommodate that.

Yuhong: This droid is discovered within the Path of Restoration part of Anchorite’s Base.

Killi Oso: First, as a way to unlock this bounty make certain you have already got fourteen finished, then after communicate to Caij on Koboh. You’ll have to discuss to her twice. When you’ve finished all that, head to Sanctuary Tempal on Jedah and he’ll be there.

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Coruscant bounty hunter location:

Gatt Medo: Within the Freight Dealing with Depot on Coruscant, search for a room with a conveyor belt. Once you’re in there, he’ll be protected by two guards.

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Shattered bounty hunter places:

Mash: On Shattered Moon, head to the Automated Forge and he’ll be there. Nonetheless, be sure to’re not being adopted by different Droids or he gained’t seem.

Jo the Cannible: Very similar to Killi Oros he’ll solely seem in the event you take down fifteen bounties, and discuss to Caij twice on Koboh. After that, head to the Yurt  Barracks and he ought to present up.

Navo Garon bounty hunter location:

Masi Finau, Fenn Finau, and Kle-0: Because you handled two bounties without delay, you’re clearly able to tackle three enemies without delay proper? Should you answered sure, head to Nova Goran and seek for the Hanger Bay. You’ll be greeted for the combat of your life right here.

Closing Location:

That is spoiler territory as talked about earlier, when you’ve finished every part at obtained all of the bounties, none aside from Caij will reveal herself as the ultimate boss.

Upon beating her, you’ll get her blaster and a trophy. So it may worthwhile getting these bounties.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is obtainable now by way of Steam.


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