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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: The best way to use power powers


Being a Jedi, Cal can use each his lightsaber and power powers to beat his enemies. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ve gotten quite a few choices for the way you combat. Due to the overhauled fight system within the sport, with the introduction of stances and with the ability to change between lightsaber modes, you’ll be able to win these battles your personal means. Drive powers have additionally been reworked, Cal can do much more along with his newfound powers. Learn on to discover ways to use the power powers accessible to you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. 

The best way to use power powers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 

Identical to most issues within the sport, all of the power powers you be taught may be upgraded which may make you a strong Jedi.

This checklist has all of the power powers you’ll unlock within the sport.

Drive Push: That is the primary energy you’ll get as you begin Cal’s journey. You possibly can push enemies away, or off cliffs, and create respiratory room for your self. Moreover, the sport has many puzzles, Drive Push can assist clear up a few of them. For the Xbox Sequence X/S controller press RT, and for the PlayStation 5 controller press R2. On PC, Drive Push is finished by hitting the two key.

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Drive Pull: That is fairly self-explanatory, you’ll be able to pull enemies in the direction of you and push them into different enemies. You may also pull partitions open, and different objects supplied they’ve blue glare on them. With the intention to do that energy, press LT on the Xbox Sequence X/S controller and L2 on the PlayStation 5’s controller. For PC customers, faucet the three key.

Gradual Time: Because the title states, you briefly decelerate time for enemies round you. This can assist you observe up with extra assaults. To drag this off, click on LS and RS an Xbox controller, and L3 and R3 on PlayStation. To make use of this energy on PC, press 4.

Screenshot by way of EA

Elevate and Slam: This energy is accessible considerably afterward within the sport, and because the title implies, you’ll carry up enemies and slam them down. This can be a little difficult with extra buttons to press. On Xbox, press RB and Y to carry and RB and A to slam. Equally for the PlayStation 5 press R1 and triangle to carry, and R1 and X to slam.  On PC, you’ll want to carry Left Ctrl and F to carry. For the slam, press and maintain Left Ctrl and faucet the spacebar.

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Confuse: This new energy is fascinating, it makes a focused enemy combat for you briefly. To activate, be sure to’re shut by after which press RB and B on the Xbox controller, and on the PlayStation 5, press R1 and Circle. When prompted, press the Z key on the keyboard for PC.

Thoughts Trick: A brand new energy to the sport, and never a lot utilized in fight. It lets you extract info from a goal. Not like the opposite powers within the sport, you gained’t use it to combat. When prompted you’ll begin a dialogue with the goal which may open up non-combative interplay.


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