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TFT patch 13.3 notes – A extra predictable Monsters Assault!


Some important adjustments are rolling out within the subsequent Teamfight Techniques patch. Presently making its means by means of the Monsters Assault! move, the auto-battler is getting some wanted stability within the type of extra hero increase refreshes. That’s not all, although: in line with the Teamfight Techniques 13.3 patch notes, we’ll be seeing adjustments to a number of traits, models, objects, and augments as properly.

Close to the highest of the checklist for this patch is the rework to the Gadgeteen trait. Riot says this trait has carried out properly within the early sport, however struggles to maintain up a lot past that. Patch 13.3 reworks the Gadgeteens such that they scale up in energy by accumulating objects. The extra objects they’re holding, the larger their injury and injury discount bonuses get.

The LaserCorps trait is altering too, from 3/6/9 to three/5/7/9. This implies you’ll energy up a bit extra easily, and the random probability for LaserCorps drones to proc has been eliminated – now they’ll all the time pop up, it doesn’t matter what.

OxForce models will keep at 1 well being slightly than self-destructing when their invulnerability section ends, and Underground models now have 4 breakpoints (3/4/5/6) as an alternative of two (3/5).

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, the 4 refreshes for hero augments ought to assist scale back the variance gamers have encountered throughout this set.

With out additional ado, listed below are the complete TFT Patch 13.3 notes, courtesy of Riot Video games:

System Modifications

4 hero increase refreshes

TL;DR: We’re chopping down on variance to create extra enjoyable moments and autonomy round Hero Increase choice.

Monsters Assault! has lots of variance, components requiring you to play otherwise every sport. Massive brained Tacticians (that’s you btw) must mess around uncontrolled merchandise drops, store choices, common Increase choices, and the boards of seven different gamers. That’s quite a bit to keep in mind when strategically assembling your crew, and after we added Hero Augments into the fold, most of our gamers thought that this stage of variability was an excessive amount of to mess around.

Why 4? We went with 4 as a result of all of it however ensures you an
Increase that you just CAN play into your comp efficiently (and in addition WANT to play along with your comp). The targets of this alteration are to keep away from feelsbad moments of getting Hero Augments that don’t make sense in your comp, AND unfun moments for gamers with restricted time who actually need to play Augments they take pleasure in. In fact, we can be maintaining
an in depth eye on suggestions and knowledge from this alteration, and may change it once more if it’s the precise name.

What about forcing Augments? With 13.1 C being our most balanced
patch of Monsters Assault!, it gave us a second to ship this excessive impression and far wanted change. With 4 Hero Increase rerolls, gamers can drive desired Hero Augments extra simply—you’ll see a complete of 15 distinctive Hero Augments should you use every reroll. That is the place balancing Hero Augments is much more vital. We all know this, and
have taken nice care in balancing these Augments with 13.1, but additionally on this patch.

Lastly, we hope you have got enjoyable selecting your favourite Hero to steer
your squad to victory, because it not solely fulfills the Tactician fantasy of assembling your tremendous crew, nevertheless it additionally will let you expertise the highs of your favourite Augments extra typically.

  • You now have 4 Hero Increase Rerolls if a Hero Increase seems. These are separate out of your 1 Regular Increase Reroll.
  • Hero Increase Rerolls will all the time generate a brand new collection of distinctive Hero Augments. In different phrases, there’ll be no repeats.

Merchandise Tooltips

Riot Mort, our Lead Recreation Designer, went by means of all of the merchandise tooltips and reformatted them to make all of them pretty-like. Once I requested him why a sport design lead would do that, he informed me to not make others do what you wouldn’t do. #values.

  • Merchandise tooltips have been reformatted to be less complicated and simpler to learn, with all stats within the prime bar, and core results in the primary physique.
  • Tooltips have even been organized to the umpteenth diploma, and I’m fairly positive you received’t even have the ability to inform the distinction, however they’re organized very properly simply in case you may. Thanks Mort.
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Giant Modifications

Giant, like Poggle’s head.


Gadgeteen 3 is okay early sport, however similar to being a youngster,
long run planning just isn’t the robust swimsuit of Gadgeteen, and the trait suffers within the mid and late sport. Whether or not you blame that on teen angst, or the trait’s incapacity to maintain up with different mid/late sport traits, one thing’s gotta give. On this case, it’s extra injury and injury discount scaling that turns into extra highly effective as you equip objects. With this alteration, our youthful Gadgeteens nonetheless don’t must plan a lot, they’ll simply scale up as the sport goes on—which is an effective factor, too, as a result of the frontal lobe (the planning heart of the mind) doesn’t absolutely develop until the mid to late 20s.

The random side of LaserCorps drone procs wasn’t one thing we wished gamers to have to consider (nor take into consideration ourselves, to be trustworthy). It made math bizarre, and it didn’t align with the fantasy of dystopian drone overlords that the LaserCorps are all about (they’re absolutely vested in surveillance capitalism). With these adjustments, LaserCorps could have a smoother energy curve, but additionally far more PEW PEW lasers, which final I checked had been core to the trait.

Humorous sufficient, this Ox Drive buff could also be a buff to Anima Squad. With Ox Pressured models self-destructing after their ultimate foray, Anima Squad models wouldn’t generate Fame for inflicting their dying. Now that Ox Drive models return to 1 Well being after their temporary invulnerability, they’re in a position to give Anima Soldiers the celebrity they deserve—that’s after all if they’ll’t omnivamp their means out of sure dying…

By updating the breakpoints of Underground, the trait ought to really feel
simpler to go deep with. By including a 6 trait breakpoint, going even deeper may be much more rewarding—or simply lead to a fair sooner eighth.

  • ADMIN Well being threshold variation change: 40% ⇒ 66%
  • Gadgeteen REWORK: Gadgeteens now acquire bonus injury and injury discount for every merchandise geared up to them.
  • NEW Gadgeteen 3: Gadgeteens acquire 3% bonus injury and injury discount per merchandise
  • NEW Gadgeteen 5: Gadgeteens acquire 12% bonus injury and injury discount per merchandise
  • ADJUSTED LaserCorps modified from a 3/6/9 trait to a 3/5/7/9 trait
  • ALWAYS WATCHING: LaserCorps p.c probability for Drone to deal magic injury eliminated. It now all the time procs.
  • PEW PEW FASTER: LaserCorps inside cooldown on Drones: 0.5 sec → 0.4 sec
  • LaserCorps Injury: 65/165/200 → 25/45/80/99
  • LaserCorps variety of Drones: 1/1/2 → 1/1/1/2
  • OxForce models now keep at one well being after their OxForce immunity ends
  • Underground modified from a 3/5 trait to a 3/4/5/6
  • Underground Locks cracked per win: 2/3 → 2/2/3/4
  • Underground Locks cracked per loss: 3/5 → 3/4/5/7

Items: Tier 1

  • Lux Most Mana: 0/70 → 0/60

Items: Tier 2

Earlier than you exclaim, “Look what they did to my boy Draven,” please
observe that the injury nerf is about 3 to 4 p.c, and the Armor/Magic Resist nerf will lead to about 3 to 4 p.c much less efficient Well being (a calculation of Well being x Armor or Magic Resist x any Injury Discount).

I don’t actually like Fiora. This isn’t a joke, or context, or something like
that. I simply don’t actually like Fiora, and I wanted to inform you as a result of not like Fiora, I do such as you. Will you marry me?

Jinx is a bizarre champion. We envision her as an merchandise holder for simply
about something, so we need to make sure that she is sweet with virtually all objects equally. By buffing her Mana we permit her to get extra out of her AP builds that ought to assist Tacticians stabilize as they maintain out for Miss Fortune or the same carry.

  • Draven Whirling Loss of life Assault Injury ratio: 135% → 130%
  • Draven Whirling Loss of life base Injury: 65/100/150 → 60/95/145
  • Draven Armor & Magic Resist: 20 → 15
  • Fiora Armor & Magic Resist: 45 → 50
  • Jinx max Mana buff: 30/90 → 20/80

Items: Tier 3

Jax wanted a weapon, or a buff. It additionally didn’t make sense that his
Adaptive Strikes didn’t scale in any respect with Capability Energy—particularly as a spell that does magic injury. So, we’re making AP objects a viable weapon for the man that may simply must recover from himself and slam a Rageblade every so often.

  • Jax Base Adaptive Strike injury now scales with Capability Energy
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Items: Tier 4

We’re cleansing up Viego’s Heartbreaker logic to be extra intuitive and dependable (and simply in time for Valentine’s Day!). With this clear up, we predict Viego can be cleansing up boards rather more efficiently, so we’ve additionally shipped a preemptive nerf to maintain this Heartbreaker from being the Convergence’s greatest janitor.

  • Taliyah Weaver’s Wall explosion injury: 200/300/900 → 210/315/945
  • Viego Heartbreaker injury is now centered across the main goal, slightly than Viego
  • Viego BUGFIX Heartbreaker ought to now not fail to deal injury in sure conditions. It will probably nonetheless miss if enemies go away the AoE of the spell.
  • Viego Heartbreaker AoE injury to secondary targets: 130/195/425 → 125/185/400

Items: Tier 5

Even with a bug decreasing Janna’s injury by 80%, she’s performing exceptionally properly. A lot of this is because of her robust utility (and sunny
disposition), which we’re raining in on in favor of her elevated injury.

  • Janna BUGFIX Tornado! fastened a bug the place Tornado! was doing about 20% of the supposed injury as described on the tooltip
  • Janna Tornado! Injury (On Tooltip): 100/150/3000 → 50/75/1000
  • Janna Tornado! precise Injury Executed: 20/30/600 → 50/75/1000
  • Janna Tornado! Stun period: 1.5/2/3 → 1.25/2/10 sec
  • Janna Forecaster (trait) Windy Capability Energy/Assault Injury buff: 12/25/150% → 10/20/99%
  • Janna Forecaster (trait) Sunny Well being protect: 400/600/4000 → 400/600/2000


Infinity Drive beforehand didn’t have Mana nor Vital Strike Probability stats.

  • Infinity Drive now additionally grants +25 Mana and +25 Vital Strike Probability

Hero Augments

The present iteration of Jinx’s Get Excited! has been underperforming even after our final buff. We’re on the level the place including extra Assault Pace to Jinx’s excited state is not going to profit the Hero Increase in a wholesome means, so as an alternative we’re maintaining the identical theme, however transferring a few of the Increase’s energy into her unexcited state, to permit her to entry that her powered up state extra simply.

Janna’s Fast Reporting is getting reworked to Class 5 which supplies the already advanced utility and injury champion some easy, but tangible extra injury within the type of True injury.

  • Galio – Justice Punch Injury amplification: 75% → 150%
  • Gangplank – Flaming Ricochet bounce Injury: 90% → 100%
  • Lux – Lucent Barrier Defend quantity: 350 → 500
  • Renekton – Reign of Anger base Assault Pace: 60% → 75%
  • Sylas – Kingslayer bonus max Well being: 30% → 25%
  • Talon – Ox-ian Rage base Assault Injury & Capability Energy: 12 → 10
  • Annie – Reflector Defend Injury: 185 → 200
  • Annie – Reflector Defend Inner Cooldown: 0.2 → 0.1 sec
  • Fiora Carry Armor & Magic Resist: 175 → 250
  • Jinx – Get Excited! REWORKED: Now Grants a Jinx. Jinx good points 40% Assault pace and Transfer pace. This quantity is tripled for 7 seconds after she scores a takedown.
  • Lee Sin – Invigorate Assault Pace buff period: 3 → 4 sec
  • Malphite – Rock Stable Armor to Capability Energy conversion: 100% → 150%
  • Rell – Maintain the Line bonus Capability Energy: 70 → 80
  • Rell – Maintain the Line injury discount: 30% → 35%
  • Miss Fortune – Make It Rain now grants 10-20 gold based mostly on stage quantity. It grants 10 on Stage 3, and 20 on any stage 4 or after.
  • Sett – Regenerative Shields now grants a Protector’s Vow as an alternative of Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Janna – Fast Reporting reworked to Class 5
  • Janna – Class 5: Achieve a Janna. Janna good points 50 Capability Energy and her potential offers True Injury.
  • Nunu – They See Me Rolling bonus Capability Energy: 10 ⇒ 20


We’re altering when many Augments grant their drip rewards (XP, gold) as a method to barely decrease energy ranges and standardize expectations round them. We’re additionally adjusting the objects granted through Crowns and Souls to be extra intuitive within the comp you need to run when deciding on these Augments. One particular name out right here, is that Fringe of
Night time was performing very properly with Prankster’s Crown regardless of it not synergizing with the trait’s greatest models. We’re swapping it with a Morellonomicon which ought to make extra sense to slam in your Ekko or Zoe, however received’t have as a lot energy as Fringe of Night time.

Cluttered Thoughts and Clear Thoughts are concurrently extremely related
but wildly completely different in energy. Cluttered Thoughts is underperforming when in comparison with its experience-generating counterpart. On the floor, that will not make sense, for the reason that Increase means that you can star up models by using your bench house, however in actuality the Increase additionally requires you to inefficiently handle your econ—which is pivotal when climbing at greater ranks. By including extra models, we save our dizziest Increase customers some econ by giving them some bench house fodder at no cost.

  • Historic Archives now additionally offers 2 gold
  • Historic Archives II now additionally offers 8 gold
  • Birthday Presents now not grants gold on stage up
  • Brawler Crown now grants a Redemption → Protector’s Vow
  • Clear Thoughts now solely grants expertise on the finish of participant fight rounds
  • Cluttered Thoughts now solely grants expertise on the finish of participant fight rounds
  • Cluttered Thoughts now offers 4 random Tier 1 champions
  • Coronary heart Crown now grants a Zz’Rot Portal → Guardbreaker
  • Hustler now solely grants gold initially of participant fight rounds
  • March of Progress now solely grants expertise initially of participant fight rounds
  • Mecha Prime Crown now grants Titan’s Vow → Bloodthirster
  • Pandora’s Objects added again into the Increase pool
  • Prankster Crown now grants Fringe of Night time → Morellonomicon
  • Recon Crown now grants Zeke’s Herald → Hand of Justice
  • Spellslinger Crown now grants Jeweled Gauntlet → Hand of Justice
  • Underground Soul now grants a Zz’Rot portal as an alternative of Hextech Gunblade
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Small Modifications

Small, like Poggle’s mind. It’s simply Little Legend anatomy of us, don’t politicize it.


Making squad targets extra worthwhile for Anima Squad.

  • Anima Squad Assault Injury and Capability Energy bonus 10/30/55 → 10/35/60
  • Brawler Well being: 20/40/65/99% → 20/45/70/99%
  • Mascot max Well being therapeutic: 1.5/2.75/5.5/10% → 1.5/3/6/10%

Items: Tier 1

Lifting the angel out of the Underground for the potential to be a reroll carry.

  • Kayle Starfire Spellblade Assault Injury ratio: 150% → 155%
  • Kayle Starfire Spellblade base injury: 20/30/45 → 25/35/50

Items: Tier 3

  • Vel’Koz: Up to date the tooltip to incorporate that an enemy can’t be shocked once more for 4 seconds after being shocked. This has all the time been the case, we’re simply now including it to the tooltip for readability.


Higher thieves.

  • Thieves’ Gloves merchandise distribution is now barely extra favorable at excessive ranges.


Hyper Roll

  • Hero Increase, Miss Fortune – Make It Rain now grants 20-40 gold based mostly on stage quantity.


Cell iOS 12 Expertise

We’re discontinuing assist of iOS 12 in our subsequent patch. Earlier cell OS variations change into more and more tougher to assist over time, so we’ll sometimes want to extend the minimal OS model necessities to proceed enjoying TFT Cell.

  • iOS12 will now not be supported with the discharge of our subsequent replace, patch 13.4. Gamers on iOS12 might want to improve to a newer iOS model to play TFT Cell.

Bug Fixes

  • Janna BUGFIX Tornado! fastened a bug the place her spell was doing ~20% of the supposed injury as described on the tooltip. That is talked about earlier within the Giant part, however can be right here for redundancy functions.
  • Samira BUGFIX Aptitude fastened a bug the place Samiras spell would generally select unlawful targets or not change targets accurately
  • Monsters Assault! Go TEXTFIX: at present the Monsters Assault! Go says it ends March 14, however really it’s meant to finish March 21
  • Gradual movement: Ekko Assault Pace sluggish now not impacts models shielded from CC with Quicksilver
  • Fastened a typo within the League of Draven Increase.
  • Fastened a typo in ADMIN Begin of Fight variants
  • Fastened a typo in Lux’s spell tooltip.
  • Ezreal Assist Increase textual content now not says “Grants 0 gold” and was simply eliminated.
  • Shoulda picked an actual weapon: Fastened a difficulty the place Jax receiving an AP bonus from the Fiddlesticks increase Absolute Corruption or a Spellweaver emblem precipitated Jax to cease attacking for the remainder of fight.
  • Omnivamp now applies persistently whatever the supply: Affected sources are Hacker, Siphoning Winds (Yasuo Carry), Companions in Crime (Viego Assist), and Celestial Blessing.
  • OMG GOLDEN EGGS BUFFS: Fastened a bug the place two of the Golden Egg drops had been lacking an supposed Tactician’s Crown.
  • Improved the readability of assorted tooltips together with: Star Guardian, ADMIN, Anima Squad, Prankster, Spellslinger, Sureshot
  • Fastened a bug the place Nunu and Willump’s Hero Augments had been labeled incorrectly. Carry is now correctly purple, and Assist is inexperienced.


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