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The most effective Genshin Affect Cyno construct – Cyno weapons, artifacts, and F2P choices | WooricaGame


The most effective Genshin Affect Cyno construct makes the desert basic shine on any workforce in want of a brand new Electro DPS. Cyno is a 5-star character launched in Genshin Affect 3.1, and whereas he solely has one operate – shock issues – he performs it exceptionally nicely.

Cyno’s abilities make him distinctive amongst Electro customers, the place elemental mastery feeds into his assault energy and enhances his hefty essential injury bonus stat.

The model’s new polearm could seem to be the proper match for any Cyno construct, however a few free, four-star weapons work simply as nicely, if not higher.

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When is the Cyno banner launch date?

The Cyno banner begins when Genshin Affect 3.1 begins on September 27, or September 28 relying in your time zone. Venti’s banner joins Cyno’s in yet one more rerun for the Anemo bard, and Candace, the brand new four-star polearm wielder, will seem on each. Cyno’s banner runs for 2 and a half weeks till October 7, when Nilou’s and Albedo’s banners take over.

HoYoverse made no point out of the opposite two four-star characters who may seem on Cyno’s banner but.

Not like Tighnari, Cyno gained’t seem within the everlasting banner after his run is up. A Cyno rerun is all however assured, given how HoYoverse rotates its characters, however it seemingly gained’t occur for a number of months.

Is Cyno a DPS character?

Sure, Cyno is an Electro DPS character with completely no help potential to talk of. His elemental talents go away no lingering hint, so whether or not you need to play him as an elemental DPS or a essential hit DPS, you may count on him to take the lively position in just about each state of affairs.

Cyno’s talent, Chasmic Soulfarer, generates a wave of Electro together with his spear, and in case you use it whereas Cyno’s burst is lively, he triggers a big Electro explosion and stays in his burst state for longer. The passive expertise Featherfall Judgment creates three Duskstalker Bolts when Cyno makes use of his talent, which deal Electro injury equal to 50 p.c of Cyno’s assault.

Cyno’s burst is named Wolf’s Swiftness and places Cyno within the Pactsworn Pathclearer state, the place all his assaults are infused with Electro, and his elemental mastery will increase by 100.

Cyno’s passive expertise Authority over the 9 Bows makes that elemental mastery buff vital. The expertise will increase Pactsworn Pathclearer’s regular assaults by 125 p.c of Cyno’s elemental mastery and buffs the Duskstalker Bolts by 225 p.c of his elemental mastery.

His secondary state is essential injury, so whereas his essential hit price stays the identical as he ranges up, Cyno can nonetheless deal a decent quantity of injury. Low base assault means your greatest guess is specializing in his Electro injury, although. Add him in a celebration with a Dendro character, such because the Dendro Traveler or Collei, for a setup that favors Irritate and elevated Electro injury.

Ought to I pull for Cyno?

Whether or not Cyno is an effective match for you will depend on your celebration, and his lack of help choices means little use exists exterior of his foremost DPS potential. If you have already got one or two Electro DPS characters – Keqing, Raiden Shogun, and even Razor, for instance – then Cyno gained’t do a lot else for you.

What’s the greatest Genshin Affect Cyno construct?

Genshin Impact Cyno build: A young man with a wolf hat is sitting on a rock

Constructing Cyno for elemental mastery may seem to be a good suggestion, however his Electro injury and significant hit price are simply as vital, if no more so.

Greatest Cyno weapon – Workers of the Scarlet Sands

Workers of the Scarlet Sands is tailored for Cyno, and even a fast take a look at the stats reveals why. Crucial hit price is the secondary stat, and the worth is greater than double the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. The passive talent converts elemental mastery to assault, ensuring Cyno hits laborious each time, assuming you’ve got a construct or celebration that prioritizes elemental mastery.

The probabilities of getting a brand new character and their distinctive weapon are usually low, although a number of different viable choices exist for Cyno.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, Xiao’s polearm is a powerful match, with a secondary stat that enhances essential price by as much as 22 p.c at degree 90 and a passive talent that, at its base degree, grants an assault buff of 21 p.c after the spear hits enemies. Mixed with Cyno’s essential injury stat, which means you’re allotting a number of damage.

The Royal Spear could also be even higher, when you’ve got the Masterlss Starglitter to spend on it. This polearm has assault as its secondary stat, and the passve boosts essential hit price by eight p.c as soon as after an assault hits. The impact stacks as much as 5 occasions, which – even with out refining the weapon – offers Cyno near a 50 p.c essential hit price improve.

Deathmatch is a selection you may get hold of extra simply. This one comes from tier 30 of the paid battle cross and provides an eight p.c essential hit price buff at degree one with its secondary stat. The passive buffs assault by 16 p.c if two enemies are close by and by 24 p.c if there’s only one foe round, making it excellent for boss battles.

Greatest Cyno Artifacts – Thundering Fury

Thundering Fury offers Cyno the most effective of each builds – an Electro buff in case you largely simply need an Electro DPS and a major improve in elemental response injury for individuals who need to carry extra components into the equation.

  • 2-piece impact: Raises Electro injury by 15 p.c
  • 4-piece impact: Will increase Overload, Hyperbloom, Superconduct, and Electro-Charged injury by 40 p.c, and raises Irritate’s bonus injury by 20 p.c. When Quicken, or some other Electro-involved response triggers, the consumer’s elemental talent cooldown decreases by one second

Thundering Fury’s new impact that reduces talent cooldown makes it much more helpful for Cyno, whose main supply of injury is in his talent and the impact his burst confers on his talent.

When you handle to recruit Cyno and also you’re nonetheless early within the recreation, you’re in luck. Thundering Fury comes from one of many early Mondstadt Domains, Midsummer Courtyard.

You probably have a spare set of Shimenawa’s Memory floating round, it could additionally complement Cyno’s talents nicely.

  • 2-piece impact: Will increase assault by 18 p.c
  • 4-piece impact: When casting an elemental talent, if the character has 15 or extra power, they lose 15 power and Regular/Charged/Plunging assault injury is elevated by 50 p.c for 10 seconds

What’s the greatest Cyno F2P construct?

Genshin Impact Cyno build: A young man with a wolf hat is swinging a spear against a shadowy background

Cyno’s F2P choices rival the paid construct due to a brand new craftable four-star polearm that fits him fairly nicely and an upcoming four-star weapon reportedly obtainable throughout Genshin Affect 3.1’s large occasion.

Greatest Cyno F2P weapon – Moonpiercer and Missive Windspear

Moonpiercer is a craftable four-star weapon launched in Genshin Affect 3.0. It is advisable to full the World of Aranara quest and trade a narrative to acquire the blueprint initially, after which crafting it simply requires the same old billets and ore chunks.

Moonpiercer has elemental mastery as its secondary stat, and the passive generates a Leaf of Revival when the consumer triggers a Dendro elemental response. The Leaf will increase the consumer’s assault by as much as 32 p.c.

That stated, Moonpiercer gained’t do you a lot good if Cyno’s celebration contains no Dendro characters.

HoYoverse is giving out the brand new Missive Windspear throughout 3.1’s Mondstadt Occasion, leaker Honey Affect says, and it appears to be like like a superb selection for Cyno. Missive Windspear has assault as its secondary stat, and the passive talent will increase assault and elemental mastery when the consumer triggers an elemental response.

Greatest Cyno F2P Artifacts – Thundering Fury

Thundering Fury stays our high decide For Cyno’s Artifacts. His F2P construct features the identical as his paid construct, so boosting his Electro injury and utilizing him to generate elemental reactions – and get Thundering Fury’s new buff within the course of – is one of the simplest ways to go.

When you’re saving up for future Genshin Affect banners, be sure to take a look at our up-do-date checklist of Genshin Affect codes for some free Primogems.

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