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Tips on how to survive Jeff the Killer in Roblox Doorways


Having the ability to survive Jeff the Killer in Roblox Doorways makes the puzzler a bit of simpler. Roblox Doorways has gamers working their method from room to room, studying cues, sorting puzzles, and escaping hazards. There are numerous methods you possibly can die within the sport, however Jeff the Killer is likely one of the most irritating.

Who’s Jeff the Killer in Roblox Doorways?

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The creepy-looking beast roams the hallways and rooms of Roblox Doorways. He pursues gamers with out reprieve and delivers some devastating knife assaults. Simply two of Jeff’s stabs are sufficient to ground even a totally healed participant, and he received’t be glad with only one. There may be little time to mourn the lifeless as as soon as he has dispatched one participant he’s instantly on to the subsequent. So how are you purported to survive Jeff the Killer in Roblox Doorways?

Tips on how to survive Jeff the Killer in Roblox Doorways

There are just a few tried and examined strategies to get away from this creepy foe, some braver than others.


Jeff is gradual, actually gradual, so you possibly can merely run from his bizarre little smile. Gamers have discovered that dodging round him and kiting him alongside will preserve him at bay. It isn’t the bravest of approaches, however it could preserve you surviving Jeff the Killer lengthy sufficient to strive one of many different strategies. In the event you take nutritional vitamins you possibly can even outpace him sufficient for him to despawn.

How to Survive Jeff the Killer in Roblox DOORS

Screenshot by PC Invasion


Jeff can leap, he also can discover you in case you conceal inside wardrobes. He’ll even kill you in cutscenes, he has completely no manners. One factor Jeff the Killer cant do in Roblox Doorways is crouch. In the event you discover one thing to crawl beneath you render him impotent.

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Blow Jeff the Killer up in Roblox Doorways

Seize your self a Holy Hand grenade from the unique loadout display screen, or discover one on the map. It’s value saving this explosive to outlive Jeff the Killer in Roblox Doorways, simply concentrate on the realm injury, your mates received’t shortly forgive you for blowing them up too.


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