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What’s Resilience in Lifeless Island 2? Answered


Picture: Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

One of many first selections it’s good to make is which character to play as in Lifeless Island 2. Every character comes with their very own attributes; Toughness, Stamina, Well being Restoration, Important Injury, Agility, Peak Well being, and Resilience. Whereas the opposite attributes make sense upon studying them, the one that may be complicated is Resilience. Here’s what Resilience is in Lifeless Island 2.

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Lifeless Island 2: What’s Resilience?

Whilst you can ignore the stats and decide to play as Lil Pump in Lifeless Island 2, in case you are enjoying the sport on a more durable issue, you’ll need to know what Resilience is.

Resilience is your potential to stand up to elemental injury. Hearth, electrical energy, and acid are three elemental injury sorts you’ll see a number of in Lifeless Island 2 and in case you have a personality with excessive Resilience, you gained’t want to fret about that kind of injury as a lot.

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Picture: Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Whereas the upper your Toughness, the much less total injury you’re taking, the upper your Resilience, the much less elemental injury you’re taking. Receiving much less elemental injury is nice in some conditions, however is arguably the least essential attribute.

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Which character has one of the best Resilience in Lifeless Island 2?

If getting burned, electrocuted, and melted by acid aren’t your most well-liked methods to go, you then’ll desire a character with excessive Resilience. Carla is the character with the very best Resilience in Lifeless Island 2.

The character with the bottom Resilience is Jacob, however he’s arguably one of the best character within the sport. Since elemental injury is situational, having greater Toughness and Peak Well being is extra necessary in the long term.

You’ll undoubtedly run into conditions the place excessive Resilience is good to have. If you end up in these conditions with a personality with low Resilience, you possibly can alternatively grasp the way to dodge and counter.


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