Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty hands-on: A Soulslike with friendship

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On the finish of my Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty hands-on, I’m standing alongside a trusted comrade-in-arms in the midst of a dusty preventing area excessive within the desert mountains. We’ve simply slain a demonic boar the scale of a cottage, and are feeling fairly good about ourselves as a direct consequence. Whereas my time with Crew Ninja’s final sequence, Nioh, has definitely come in useful, I’ve discovered Wo Lengthy a way more approachable expertise, even because it modifications some key components to the frantic fight formulation that made its forebears such improbable Soulslike video games.

Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty will really feel very acquainted in the event you’ve performed both of the Nioh video games, significantly Nioh 2. The emphasis is on quick mild and heavy assaults, swift positioning, and punishing any openings the enemy is silly sufficient to provide.

As I begin out, this looks like a worryingly stripped-back model of the broad toolkit current virtually from the get-go in Nioh. Gone are the weapon stances and ki pulses, there’s no weapon familiarity to construct up, no Onmyo magic or ninja expertise to unlock. After on a regular basis I spent juggling menus and scrutinising statistics in Nioh 2, there was a particular feeling of “is that this it?” as I started my manner via the two-chapter preview construct.

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty does preserve some clear components of Nioh, although. It’s set throughout the Yellow Turban Rise up that you just’ll little doubt keep in mind from numerous video games, if not the Romance of the Three Kingdoms itself. Nevertheless, Yellow Turban rebels are rapidly joined by shambling zombies and big, demonic officers as I make my manner up the desert mountain the place Chapter II takes place, and issues begin to really feel fairly Nioh-esque once more in swift order.

A key distinction, nonetheless, is my strongest transfer. It’s not some capacity to unleash a robust yokai type, though the gods do deign to assist me out in time. As an alternative, essentially the most deadly instrument in my belt is the dodge – mapped to the controller’s B button by default, it’s greater than a option to merely get out of hazard. When timed appropriately, the dodge permits me to step apart and shove my opponent via his personal strike, utilizing his personal momentum to ship him stumbling to the bottom, open to a brutal counterattack.

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Pulling it off feels fairly a bit like efficiently deflecting assaults in Sekiro, however right here there’s much less threat concerned. If I screw up the timing of my dodge, I merely received’t get the deflection and can dart away unhurt – and even achieve far from my enemy if I double-tap. As a backup, I’ve acquired a conventional guard mapped to the left bumper if I must climate a couple of blows.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty hands-on: A warrior jumps across a ravine in a rugged desert canyon complex, nearby an altar emits a gold ray of light straight up

The dodge-based deflection is essential, nonetheless, as soon as I begin operating into champions and executives. Enemies who’ve been possessed by demons will telegraph important assaults with a pink flash, which once more could set off some Nioh reflexes to kick in for veterans. Right here once more, it’s an necessary alternative, however somewhat than responding aggressively, the secret’s to deflect the assault with a wonderfully timed dodge, side-stepping the assault like a studied kung fu grasp, after which letting free with a vicious important strike of my very own.

Imperial martial arts inform character development as nicely. Slightly than dumping factors into traits like energy, dexterity, and knowledge, Wo Lengthy’s stats system is constructed across the 5 components or power states of Taoism: earth, wooden, fireplace, water, and metallic. Boosting affinity for any of those leads to bonuses to related fight actions like restoration velocity and the quantity of spirit I’ll use in a deflection, however additionally they open up wizardry spells that I can map to my controller’s face buttons and unleash in battle: fireballs, spears of ice, rocky avalanches, and extra.

You may specialise or generalise nonetheless you want: you’re given some extent to make use of in every college at sure expertise thresholds, they usually’re non-transferable. As you progress up every elemental tree, spells require an increasing number of factors invested of their particular factor, so to unlock essentially the most highly effective magic, you’ll almost definitely want to pay attention your ranges into one or maybe two components.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty hands on: A warrior raises a battle flag on an arid battlefield, and ghostly Chinese characters in gold hover around the altar where he places it

One other attention-grabbing new system is morale and resolve. Whilst you’ll have an total expertise degree you’ll improve as you make your manner via Wo Lengthy, every particular person chapter has its personal altering dynamic between the heroes and their enemies that works like a mini degree system contained inside every chapter. As a chapter opens, enemies often have greater morale than the heroes do, and that places me at an obstacle. By selecting off outlying enemies and discovering locations to plant my battle flag, I can improve my morale and shift the stability, gaining an edge over any enemies with decrease morale.

It supplies a way of momentum: success builds upon success. Nevertheless, the bonus morale I’ve picked up from killing monsters and bandits evaporates once I’m killed – until I could make it again to the baddie who’s slain me and beat them in a rematch. This may be difficult, nonetheless: killing heroes boosts an enemy’s morale, so that they are typically harder in spherical two.

This could possibly be fairly crushing, however there’s a security internet: on dying, I solely lose morale I’ve gathered past a sure baseline, which is established by the variety of battle flags I’ve put up across the degree. The lesson right here is obvious: I wish to discover in all places earlier than heading via the gate and taking up the world’s boss, until I wish to combat at a steep drawback.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty hands-on: A warrior on horseback, shrouded in shadow, his helmet has twin feathers tailing behind, and he carries a long polearm with an anvil-shaped axehead on the end

By the point I’m via Chapter II, I’m relieved: positive, Wo Lengthy is noticeably easier than Nioh 2, however there’s lots right here to sink my enamel into. Every weapon I decide up – spears, guandao, twin swords, sabres, and extra – has its personal particular strikes to study, there are 5 magic bushes to discover, and there’s all the time some gigantic, twisted monstrosity to sq. off with over the subsequent hill. As a lot enjoyable as I’ve had with Nioh 2, I discover that half my time within the recreation is spent managing my character and his stock, and for higher or for worse, that’s largely gone in Wo Lengthy.

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Wo Lengthy received’t win any magnificence pageants, thoughts you – it’s a rougher-looking recreation, and the truth that the extent I’ve performed takes place within the noon desert solar doesn’t essentially do it any favours, graphically talking. Nevertheless, mixed with the cheerful presence of acquainted Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters, who all communicate with theatrical bravado, the sunny degree I’ve sampled provides Wo Lengthy a welcoming aura that might hardly really feel extra totally different than the horror film imaginative and prescient of Sengoku-era Japan that infuses the Nioh video games.

The Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty launch date is arising at the start of March, and it’ll be on Sport Go for PC on day one. I’m desirous to see extra, as a result of this new Crew Ninja spin on the Three Kingdoms interval has simply sufficient of that Ninja Gaiden DNA to get my previous X and Y calluses tingling once more.



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